From the Pistachio Rose to the Marshmallow Crumb, Palm Springs’ Ernest Coffee Sure Knows How to Put a Pep in Your Step

Start Your Morning Right With a Hand-Crafted Beverage from Ernest Coffee

Written By: Andrew Smith
Photography Provided By: Ernest Coffee Palm Springs

At independently owned Ernest, they take their coffee seriously—beverages are expertly handcrafted with all ingredients created in-house. But it’s the enthusiastic employees that create the real buzz. 

 As manager Christina Leyerly boasts, “We’re all coffee nerds, artists and sponges constantly learning and creating things for Ernest. It’s the Ernest Coffee experience,” continues Christina. “We try to make a difference in everyone’s day.” 

Such passion resonates in the employee-inspired seasonal beverages. “For every special, I can see the face and personality of the employee who created it,” adds Christina. “It puts a smile on all of our faces. We take ownership and really enjoy making these drinks.” That’s the ethos behind these five Ernest winter favorites, which you’ll rarely find in your cookie-cutter coffee chain.


1 | La Vie en Rose Ernest Coffee Palm Springs

Pistachio Rose is an almond milk latte made with housemade pistachio rose orgeat and topped with rosewater and a garnish of ground up pistachios, rose petals and demerara sugar. It’s Christina’s own creation, combining her multidimensional culinary, mixology and barista talents with her love for pistachios and roses. A garnish of pistachios and rose petals accentuate the flavor and add visual delight.  

Native Knowledge: Missing an old favorite from the Ernest Coffee specials board? Their baristas will make it for you—as long as they have the ingredients.  


2 | Go Ahead, Maca My Day Ernest Coffee Palm Springs

Maca Buzz is the creation of Ernest’s assistant manager, Brittany, someone who is “spiritual, health-conscious and brings a zen to the shop.” With maca root at the base, it provides a healthy, all-natural alternative to caffeine. Cacao powder, cinnamon, housemade vanilla syrup and oat milk awake the palate, and it’s topped off with a mint leaf garnish. A natural stimulant, maca is also believed to increase libido (wink wink).


3 | Coffee With Altitude Ernest Coffee Palm Springs

Struggling to get off the ground? Airplane Cookies will send you a mile high! It’s a café au lait, elevated to resemble your favorite airline cookie craving. “We take Biscoff cookie butter, triple it, and we add a few of our own ingredients,” explains Christina. It’s a decadent combination of coffee, caramel, shortbread and spice. 

Native Knowledge: Although Ernest Coffee doesn’t freely share recipes, they will give you a few suggestions as to how to make your favorite drink at home. “We want our customers to remember us after they leave,” adds Christina. 

4 | Stimulation of Mind and Immune System  

Golden Milk packs all the health benefits of a trip to the health food store. It’s a tea latte made with almond milk then seasoned with turmeric, ginger and black pepper. It will leave you stimulated along with packing an anti-inflammatory and immune system boost—perfect preparation for sniffle season. 


5 | This Java’s on Fire 

Light up your life with Marshmallow Crumb, an almond milk latte that’s topped with toasted marshmallows and a graham cracker rim. “We set the marshmallows on fire in front of the customer and let them blow it out,” explains Christina. “It creates a real tiki vibe.”  It’s the kind of spectacle that exemplifies the skill and craft that really sets Ernest Coffee apart.

Ernest Coffee
1101 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262 


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