Feel the Burn! Here Are 12 Essential Items to Help You Create the Perfect Home Gym

The Home Gym Is Here to Stay, So We’re Making It State-of-the-Art

In addition to working from home, working out at home has also become part of many of our lives over the past year. With limited or no access to gyms and fitness classes, those seeking to maintain their workout routine were forced to improvise with at-home gyms and exercises. While it’s great to take part in a group class or sweat it out at the gym, working out at home has plenty of perks. From privacy and not having to share equipment with others to the lack of commute and inherent cost savings, creating an at-home gym will make your daily workouts all the more enjoyable and convenient. With the help of Tru Grit Fitness, we’ve put together a list of 12 essentials to create the perfect at-home fitness studio. Perfect Home Gym


1 | Dumbbells Perfect Home Gym

No home gym would be complete without the classic and useful dumbbell. These weights can be used for both high-intensity and low-intensity workouts. Check out Tru Grit’s Hex Neoprene Dumbbells, which feature a steel core for strength and stability as well as a special neoprene coating that will minimize noise and protect your floors. It’s time to tone those arms!

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2 | Mirror

For those really looking to take their home gym to the next level, MIRROR is a fitness-centered innovation that will truly blow you away. This real-time optimized mirror uses advanced camera technology to essentially give a professional workout class from the comfort of your own home—all through the reflection of a mirror! There truly is nothing else like it.



3 | Kettlebells Perfect Home Gym

Another staple weight for your home gym is the renowned kettlebell. Whether you’re doing squats, crunches or lunges, the kettlebell is a diverse exercise tool. While some kettlebells are made of cast iron, Tru Grit offers an Adjustable Kettlebell that is a versatile solution to those seeking different weight ranges for their workout. With both a 20- and 40-pound option, Tru Grit’s Adjustable Kettlebell is both a functional and convenient must-add to your home gym!



4 | Speaker

No good workout is complete without a killer playlist to accompany it. While you always have the option to go the more traditional route and listen via headphones, one major perk of having your own home gym is being able to blast whatever music you’d like over a speaker. The Bose Home Smart Speaker 500 is small yet mighty in sound, giving you complete uninhibited freedom as you exercise and jam out to your favorite tunes.


5 | Bumper Plates Perfect Home Gym

For the more professional lifters, Tru Grit’s Economic Bumper Plates are the perfect solution for those wanting the old-school loud iron plates. With weights ranging from 10 to 55 pounds, these bumper plates come in pairs with barbell collar insets that contribute to safety and stability while lifting, so you can focus more on your form. 

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6 | Yoga Mat Perfect Home Gym

Even if yoga isn’t your strong suit, having a high-quality yoga mat for stretching and floor exercises is non-negotiable. While there are several different routes that you could go when choosing a mat, Alo Yoga mats never disappoint. Though they are on the pricier side, Alo mats are durable and  are made of 100% non-toxic material.


7 | Wall Balls and Barbells

Two more necessities are the barbell (which is needed for your wonderful bumper plates) and the wall ball. Choosing a barbell can be a bit intimidating, but Tru Grit offers a 15-pound Trainer Bar, perfect for those wanting to find their footing with lifting. In addition, Tru Grit’s Medicine Wall Ball works great for high-intensity workouts and training that involves a bit more cardio and movement than classic weight lifting.


8 | Water Bottle Perfect Home Gym

One of the most important parts of working out is following said exercise with ample hydration and electrolytes. While many of us are attempting to reduce our plastic consumption and avoid disposable water bottles, remembering to clean a reusable water bottle can sometimes be a bit tedious. Therefore, what better addition to your home gym than a LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle? With a sleek design and beyond convenient function, your LARQ Water Bottle is sure to become your most reliable workout buddy.


9 | Towels Perfect Home Gym

Most people might not realize how important it is to have a good towel handy when working out. Instead of using a regular old rag or hand towel, check out Lululemon’s Small Gym Towel. The soft, absorbent material will clear away any traces of sweat, helping to keep bacteria from sticking to your face as you work to glow up and get fit!

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10 | Flooring

Having some extra cushion on the floor of your home gym has several different benefits. From protecting the floor from heavy weights to providing a little bounce for your joints as you move your body, BalanceFrom’s Foam Interlocking Tiles work great as some extra protection for your floors and yourself.


11 | Fan Perfect Home Gym

In order to stay cool in your home gym, a high-speed and breezy fan is a must-have both for comfort and safety. In addition to drinking water, having some sort of cooling device will aid in avoiding any sort of overheating. The Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan is both compact and powerful, giving an uninterrupted stream of airflow as you break a sweat.



12 | Barre 

While a barre is traditionally seen as being used for ballet and barre classes, this helpful tool is worth adding to any home gym for stretching purposes. If you’re looking for something more legit and professional than a stand alone barre, try this mounted Vita Vibe Ballet Barre to complete your ideal home gym.


Allie Lebos graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2017 with a BA in Communication. While in school she was a staff writer at The Daily Nexus for nearly two years. Since graduating she has written for The Palisades Magazine, as well as Hidden Hills Magazine. Currently living in Santa Monica, Allie loves to indulge in good food, hot yoga, and daily walks along the beach; writing articles on travel, special events, as well as features on local businesses and individuals.




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