Do You Even Lift? Now You Can at Evolve Gym in Orange County

Evolve Gym Brings Neighborhood-Feel to OC’s Fitness Community

Written By: Ryan Whitehead

Evolve Gym, located in Huntington Beach, offers a variety of choices ranging from group workout classes to one-on-one training. Evolve puts their focus on training techniques that are both powerful and innovative, and target muscle development and weight loss. Evolve offers its clients state-of-the-art equipment, personal trainers and a wide range of fitness programs and events that will let you have a blast while getting fit!

Since owner and trainer Brad Williams graduated from Long Beach State in 2002 as a business finance major, he knew starting his own business was his true passion. After landing a job at the Port of Los Angeles, Williams fell in love with the gym facilities located there and eventually started training people.

“Building off that, we started a small business, then my brother, Robert, and I decided to open up our own and just go for it,” Williams said.

Williams rents out space to independent contractors, who formerly worked at corporate gyms such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness or Crunch Fitness gyms, who are looking to branch off on their own. Evolve operates as an open market for other fitness businesses to come in and promote their products.

While Evolve has three locations in Orange County, each location serves different workout purposes. The first location, located on Warner and Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach, encompasses 3,000 square feet and primarily focuses on personal training as well as semi-private training where there’s no group larger than two to three people. In their specialty group workouts, they switch between various cardio and weight training exercises.

The Fountain Valley location is the biggest location at over 6,000 square feet, including their 2,000-square-foot dance studio. Williams is currently renting the space to yoga and Pilates instructors. A new tenant has even started a franchise named Pink Gloves, an upbeat woman’s boot camp with a karate-like twist as each client earns colored boxing gloves for each level they complete.

The third location is more of a warehouse-style gym located near Bella Terra. There, they are in partnership with another local gym called HB Hits, and focus on high-intensity workout classes or HIT. This location caters to mostly the 20s and 30s age group looking towards the triathlons and Ironman specific events.

Williams’ long term plan for Evolve is not to necessarily expand, but have a “spider web” effect, meaning that for every new gym that is opened, Williams would put one of his trainers in charge of that location.

“My theory is to start in Southern California and spider web out, [but] never go out too far, as long as someone covers that area. Every gym can have a slightly different flavor to it, but also bring all the knowledge that l learned from all the other ones,” Williams mentioned.

Evolve Gym caters to both clients and personal trainers. Williams is proud to be training fellow personal trainers with his best knowledge to prepare them to run their own gyms some day. With the three locations in Orange County, Evolve caters to all clients looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Evolve Gym
4911 Warner Ave, Ste 101
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Get Fit With Evolve Gym in OC

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