Photography Provided By: Set Jet
Photography Provided By: Set Jet

Ever Dreamed of Flying Private? Now You Can With This Members-Only Club

Set Jet Is Changing the Game of Flying on a Private Jet

Have you always thought that flying private was only for the elite? Like us, you probably believed every one of those flights was boarded by a billionaire hedge fund manager, trust fund-milking kid or a budding and connected Instagram influencer. Several aviation companies have emerged that are attempting to shatter that myth. Set Jet is a membership-based flight service that offers private flights on the west coast to LA, San Diego, Orange County, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas.  How Can I Fly Private


Check, Please

When I fly, there is normally a gnawing sense of dread that I will somehow miss my flight. We checked into Set Jet at the private LAX terminal for our two-hour trip to Cabo San Lucas only 30 minutes before our flight, and they told us we were early! We were greeted at the door by the valet, who took our luggage and escorted us into the luxurious private air lounge. Our gate agent checked us in, and moments later, we were escorted to the plane without having to pass through TSA checkpoints. 


How Can I Fly Private

Membership Has Its Privileges 

Photography Provided By: Set Jet

Set Jet is based on a private monthly membership. The $99 monthly fee gives you access to deeply discounted private flights. Although the prices are discounted, the experience is not. While we were told by the pilot that flights are often more full than we experienced, on each of our roundtrip legs, there was only one other passenger. The sparsity of the occupancy on our flight to Cabo in conjunction with the luxuriousness of picking two of 14 open, reclining and swiveling plush leather seats made this flight feel truly private.



Pooches + Champers

Commercial flights seem to be set on diluting their customer service in favor of profits as they enact more and more baggage rules, sharply mandate that you “raise your tray before takeoff” and even cancel peanuts and canned sodas on short flights. Set Jet is taking the opposite approach. On Set Jet, you can bring your puppy, enjoy pre- and in-flight Veuve Clicquot and munch on as many snacks as you want. 

How Can I Fly Private

Set Jet 

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