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5 Exercises You Can Do With Your Swollmate

Alec Smith Shares His 5 At-Home Workouts With Tru Grit Products

Ready for a new partner workout? If you’re looking to shake up your routine, read on for advice from athlete and fitness influencer Alec Smith, who shares five incredible exercises involving Tru Grit fitness equipment. These challenging workouts will keep you energized and engaged throughout each rep. Grab your favorite workout buddy, warm up and get ready to sweat! Exercises for Couples


1 | Sprint and Shoot

Sprint and Shoot
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First, one partner will lace up their shoes and embark on a 200-meter run. For ease, utilize the Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill to improve your speed and endurance. As one person runs, the other will conduct max reps wall-ball shots with the Tru Grit Slam Ball, a heavy duty weighted ball that absorbs collision. When the first person finishes the run, switch. “[This workout] is 12 rounds total [six rounds each] with a partner,” says Smith.

Exercises for Couples

2 | Switch It Up

Switch It Up
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For this exercise, you’ll alternate movements with your partner with fun techniques that improve grip and engage the whole body. Pick up the Tru Grit Battle Weighted Training Rope for 30-second rope slams to enhance coordination. Your partner will go over to a bar to focus on hanging leg lifts for 30 seconds. For stability, use the Tru Grit Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Lite, which is made of steel and attaches to walls. After one minute of rest, repeat the routine until you make it to 10 rounds.


3 | Hold the Plank

Hold the Plank
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Build upon your core strength with this five-round session. One individual will assume a plank position and hold the pose for one minute while the second person does burpees over the planking partner. Once the minute is up, you both will pick up your Tru Grit dumbbells and do 25 dumbbell snatches together. Smith suggests that you take a breather and “rest for 90 seconds after each round.”

Exercises for Couples

4 | Stay Chipper

Credit: Charlotte Foerschler

In this conditioning workout, partners will “chipper for time” and alternate movement. Keep your 185/135 pound Tru Grit barbell & bumper plate and dumbbells close, as you’ll utilize these throughout the session. The workout involves a heavy volume of reps: 100 deadlifts, 50 power cleans and 100 back squats with two sets of 75 box jumps in between. As your partner conducts the moves with the weights, you will power through box jumps.

Set Up For Success: Keep your fitness equipment organized by using the Tru Grit modular wall system. With a functional design, this durable system comes with vertical posts and crossmembers plus attachments that will help you easily store your favorite accessories.



5 | Pull Together

Tone up and build strength with this five-set routine. First, you’ll both start out with 30 glute bridges on a mat before moving into barbell bicep curls with your favorite Tru Grit dumbbells or cast iron kettlebell. Make sure to focus on executing the proper form during the 25 curls. When you’re done with the weights, return to the mat for 25 v-ups (also known as jackknife sit-ups), which target the abs and increase flexibility. Afterwards, you’ll do 15 dumbbell flys before finishing with 10 strict pull-ups.

Exercises for Couples

About Alec Smith

Alec Smith
Credit: Charlotte Foerschler

Alec Smith is a 29-year-old athlete and LGBTQ+ fitness influencer based in Virginia. Smith grew up playing sports throughout his childhood, including being a gymnast for 10 years and playing on volleyball, track and swim teams. After graduating high school, he decided to compete in CrossFit. “I’ve been competing since 2011 and have competed in the CrossFit Games three times now. Fitness and CrossFit are my full-time job and my passion,” says Smith.


Follow Smith’s Workout Routine: 

Workout Routine
Credit: Charlotte Foerschler

12 Rounds Total With Partner (6 each) 

-200 meter Tru Grit run
-Max reps wall-ball shots while your partner is running
-12 rounds alt. movements with partner
-30 seconds of battle rope slams
-30 seconds of max rep hanging leg lifts
-1:00 rest

Exercises for Couples

5 Rounds With Partner

-1:00 Plank Hold
-Max reps burpee over partner holding plank
-25 dumbbell snatches each together
-Rest 90 seconds after each round
-Partner chipper for time (alternate reps)
-100 Deadlifts (185 for men/135 lbs for women)
-75 box jumps
-50 power cleans (185/135 lbs)
-75 box jumps
-100 back squats (185/135 lbs)


5 Sets 

-30 glute bridges
-25 barbell bicep curls
-20 v-ups
-15 dumbbell flys
-10 strict pull ups 

Exercises for Couples

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