Organic String Quartet
Organic String Quartet

Exploring Our Musical Roots with Organic String Quartet

The Southern California Based Organic String Quartet has Rhythm

Written By: Yasmin Yahyapour
Photographed By: Rico Mejia Exploring Our Musical Roots with Organic String Quartet

The story of the Organic String Quartet ensemble begins with talented young musician Alicia Spillias and her passion for performing music for a wide variety of audiences. Alicia co-founded the OSQ as a college student in 2006, originally as a means for making money and paying for school. Realizing how much she enjoyed being a part of an ensemble, she got the company’s first client through her university, and now she tells us the story of her background with music and the company’s performances.

Alicia isn’t a stranger to performing music, beginning private violin lessons at age eight, and voice lessons soon after. Her musical talents gained her acceptance to a prestigious performing arts school in West Palm Beach, Florida called Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, which she attended as a violin major from grades 7 through 12. She had ambitions to continue music in California after high school, so Alicia gained acceptance to the Applied Music Program at Santa Monica College. She ended up graduating from Cal State Northridge with a Music Performance degree. The ensemble turned out to be a great college job for her. She never imagined making her passion her career, but is so happy for her company’s success. Today she performs as a violinist and occasionally as a singer for the Organic String Quartet.

The Organic String Quartet is best known for their wedding performances, but they also play for anniversaries, birthdays, and corporate events at venues across Southern California. Their instrumental setup consists of two violins, a viola and a cello. They can also provide other instruments including the flute, piano and guitar for their classical, jazz, pop, film and traditional tunes.

What sets OSQ apart the most would be their diverse repertoire. With 10 years of accumulated music, the ensemble is constantly growing with new songs and sounds. One of their signature music styles includes playing a popular song with traditionally classical instruments, which is always a huge hit for audiences. The ensemble is able to determine the mood of the audience to determine what is most suitable for the crowd.

Alicia definitely has a successful company 10 years running, all at the young age of 33! Her hopes for the company include keeping the business growing: “What I love most about performing is being able to affect an audience. When you can touch people with music and make them feel something … I love that. There’s no greater feeling.” Her passion for music is certainly what keeps her company going.

Organic String Quartet

A L L /// Natural Rhythm. Organic String Quartet Brings the Music.

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