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Fair Foods’ Greatest Hits

Written By: Peter Pham of www.foodbeast.com

Fair season is finally here. As we all know, you don’t visit the fair to eat healthy. In fact, it seems like fair foods are getting crazier every year.

With quite a few fairs starting up again this summer, we did a round up of some of the most insane fair foods we’ve seen so far. Whether deep fried, alcoholic, candy-stuffed, or on a stick, its not fair food if you don’t get heartburn.

Think of it as our fair foods’ greatest hits.

Fireball Whiskey Banana Donut

SD Fair

Starbucks Coffee Deep Fried

SD Fair


Deep-Fried Slim Fast Bar

SD Fair deep-fried-slim-fast-bars

Pop Rocks Sprinkled Donut

OC Fair


Chicken-Fried Bacon

ivane.m/SD Fair


Deep-Fried Kool Aid

SD Fair

Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniel’s Churro

OC Fair


Deep-Fried Trix

OC Fair