The Patio on Lamont’s Doggie Fashion Debut in Pacific Beach

Written By: Tyler Holland Doggie Fashion Show at Patio on Lamont

Summer fashion shows display the finest in swimwear and resort apparel, which will later be worn by the trendiest dogs out there. Yes, you heard that right. Fashion is no longer for just us humans. K9 fashion has become a popular way to showcase each dog’s unique personality and these personalities were on full display this past weekend at The Patio on Lamont’s Four-Legged Fashion Show.

Located in San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood, it’s hard to think of a better venue to host an event celebrating man’s best friend. With relaxing ocean breezes a near constant, not to mention the all-around dog friendly atmosphere, The Patio on Lamont perfectly pulls off the chic yet laid back atmosphere many have come to love about Southern California. Menu items are all locally sourced and sustainable and for those of you with puppies, you’re in luck. Bring your furry friend to brunch and receive half off any drink under the “dog tails” section of the menu. While sipping on drinks like Grandpa’s Cough Syrup, made of a blend of fresh pama, lemon and bourbon over crushed ice, enjoy some of the food items such as the Caesar salad, grilled chicken sandwich or Kobe burger. Doggie Fashion Show at Patio on Lamont Doggie Fashion Show at Patio on Lamont

We all know the food is great. After all, The Patio is the recipient of several awards, but what about the fashion show? Judged on a scale of 1-4 on areas such as couture selection, photogenicity and swagger, dogs sauntered down the red carpet much to the delight of the packed house before jumping on stage for the final photo shoot. As each dog walked the carpet, the emcee read a list of likes and dislikes, giving the audience a glimpse of each contestant’s playful personality. Fourteen dogs in total entered wearing items from brightly colored leis, floral print tutus and beach inspired vests. Competition was, you could say, ruff, as every contestant was greeted by oohs and aaahs from the delighted onlookers. With breeds such as yorkies, spaniels, boxers and terriers, this was no surprise. Judging the event must have been tough, but as in all competition, a winner had to be named eventually. Doggie Fashion Show at Patio on Lamont

Bailey, a 10 year old yorkie who loves music but not coyotes, was named as the Doggie Fashion Show champion, receiving a $25 Patio gift card, $25 Luv Surf Apparel gift card, $25 the Surf Life gift card and four tickets to the Padres Bark Yard. The runner up, rescue dog Sir Nibs, also won a $25 Patio gift card and four tickets to the Bark Yard. The audience had a chance to get into the action, too, with trivia questions given out to each table. The winner also received four tickets to the Padres Bark yard. Doggie Fashion Show at Patio on Lamont

Missed out on the event? No need to worry. Every four months, the Patio offers doggie events so everyone, no matter their schedule, has a chance to join in the fun. The next event will be held Halloween weekend, so start getting those costumes ready. There is also a red carpet theme for Oscars season in the works, so keep checking the site and reserve your spot for the next event. Doggie Fashion Show at Patio on Lamont

The Patio on Lamont

4445 Lamont St
San Diego, CA 92109     
See These Four-Legged Fashionistas Strut Down the Catwalk

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