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Written By: Mimi Dang and Jordan Ligons North Park Business Owner

Eva De Leon, Sage Sisters

Sage Sisters is a boutique flower shop located in the heart of North Park. Sage Sisters is not your stuffy flower shop that carries the same boring flowers everyone is use to. Instead, they carry a unique variety of seasonal flowers from around the world. And they use exciting variety of flowers and their modern take on flower arranging to create their bouquets and centerpieces. Another thing that sets this flower shop from the rest is their mission to give back to the community. Sage Sisters donates all their day-old flowers and donates them to local San Diego Charities.


Geraldina Ridaura, Holy Matcha

Geraldina Ridaura discovered that green, green goodness that is matcha after a trip to Japan in 2014. Having just recently given up coffee, a cup of matcha green tea was able to give her that buzz she needed. (Fun fact: because the tea leaves are crushed, matcha can equal half the caffeine level as a cup of black coffee!). Holy Matcha delivers a unique and fun place for people to get together and reap the health benefits of drinking tea, while you simultaneously get your caffeine fix too!


Gibran “Mr. Moto” Fernandez, Mr. Moto Pizza House

Mr. Moto Pizza House is a family operated pizza house run by Gibran Fernandez and his family. A second location for them is ideal, especially after winning “Best Gourmet Pizza”  in San Diego’s Gourmet Pizza Fest. The brick front pizza house is dishing out a variety of flavors with over 20 styles of pizza, as well as offering a “pizza of the month” which ensures that they’re always creating new and creative bites!


Rachel Klemek, Blackmarket Bakery San Diego

The beloved Costa Mesa shop has branched out to North Park to share some of the buttery goodness with a new part in SoCal. Rachel, who is also the executive chef, is serving plenty of eggwiches, espressos, and everything sweet like cookie sundaes! Klemek was on the career path of originally getting her PhD in anthropology when she realized that the kitchen was more of her calling. She eventually attended and graduated from Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley at the top of her class. Now, we are all reaping the yummy benefits.


PJ Lamont and Matt Baker, Dunedin North Park

After a visit to New Zealand over 14 years ago, co-owners PJ Lamont and Matt Baker opened their first restaurant in 2008, inspired by a little hole-in-the wall burger joint they visited. Dunedin North Park is a continuation on their legacy in serving up Kiwi-inspired dishes to San Diego. DNP is an indoor/outdoor restaurant with a relaxing and eclectic vibe suited for both friends, family, and dogs! Try their “Kiwi Breakfast”, which comes with eggs of your choice, baked beans, sausage and roasted tomatoes!


Kelsey McNair, North Park Beer Co.

North Park Beer Co. is the brainchild of Kelsey McNair, who is both the brewmaster and owner. The atmosphere of the brewery is a nod to historic North Park, and features a 1,700 square. foot mezzanine, and a 1,500square foot basement where McNair has put in the a true barrel cellar, where his sour beer experiments are conducted. Try their IPA, which is hops heaven, especially their Hop-Fu, which has won many awards and accolades in McNair’s home brewing days!


Brad Keiller, Nomad Donuts

Nomad Donuts was born out of a love for arguably the best pairings—coffee, donuts and traveling! Their plethora of favor options like the Churro con Chocolate, Blueberry Mascarpone Custard Pistachio, and the Ube Taro Coconut reflect their love for traveling. What truly makes Nomad unique though is Keiller’s dedication to his community and other small businesses. They are constantly collaborating with local breweries and restaurants to invent new flavors, and hold charity events supporting foundations like the David Harp Foundation, which seeks to inspire and educate “at-risk” and homeless youths to empower them through music education.


Erick “Sir Froderick” and Rachel Cohen, FiveSpace Records

Situated on University Avenue, FiveSpace Records is a small music and home decor store, specializing in vinyl, cassettes and vintage goods. This duo has married the concept of hip-hop and fashion, where Erick is hoping to carry the button of small record shops in SD, all while Rachel is bringing in the throwback fashions as well as designing pieces. The shop doubles up as an event space too, where they hold live events where people can showcase their style and rhymes, reminiscent to old school house parties.


Brian Beechler, Grinds and Vine Coffee Bar

If you’re in the mood for coffee or vino pre or post meal, why have to settle on one or the other? Over at Grinds and Vine Coffee Bar, you don’t have to choose! Brian Beechler is the owner of the quaint coffee shop, where people go for a meal made with a lot of heart! This place has become a neighborhood favorite due to Beechler’s “secret ingredient” of offering a flavorful menu and always maintaining a high standard.  This is evident when you see the close relationship between Beechler and his staff have with each guest at Grinds and Vine—because when you are here, you are with family.


Noel Paris, Torque Moto Café


This new-school café aims to merge the coffee-goers with bike-lovers. No, not your little sister’s bike with tassels and a basket; this spot is for motorcycle bikers to join in the community. Noel, a biker herself, married the two concepts in her newly open café in North Park. Set inside a renovated house, the homey vibes ripple throughout the space into the backyard where they occasionally have live music and charity events!


Mark Broadfoot and Elliott Towns,Tamarindo Latin Kitchen and Bar


Tamarindo Latin Kitchen + Bar is now open in the historic Newman/I.O.O.F building, but with a new look inspired by the Art Deco buildings of Miami’s South Beach. The menu at Tamarindo reflects the tastes of various regions in Latin America, enabling executive chef, Elliott Townsend, to create a seafood and veggie centric menu, using local and seasonal fish and produce. Bar manager and mixologist Mark Broadfoot is also curating drinks with Latin flair such as his Oaxacan Old Fashioned, made with mezcal and mole bitters. Or if you’re looking for something to worm the belly, try the Airmail, which is a rum-based drink made with lime, local honey, sparkling wine and lavender absinthe!


Nick Apostolopoulos, 619 Distillery and Tasting Room

San Diego may by the microbrew capital, but due to a recent change in California law, expect to see more craft distilleries like 619 Vodka.  Founder Nick Apostolopoulos has moved his Encanto location into a 4,200 square foot property in North Park, which will feature a distillery and kitchen, serving a cocktail menu using exclusively only local craft spirits and beers—and of course 619 vodka. Food-wise the plan there is to serve “mid-scale bar food,” but as a tasting room, everything is constantly being worked. And to continue the San Diego spirit of sustainability, Apostolopoulos plans on building an outdoor farm and grow herbs like mint and rosemary that would be used in the food and drinks.

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