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Bali: A Guide to Our Favorite Indonesian Island

Written By: Erik Hale

When we travel abroad, many of us still want to feel a sense of home — a luxurious version of home of course. In Bali, where is the best place to feel at home while you are surrounded by the tropics? We caught up with Adam Bardetta,  Director of Operations at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas to give us an inside look of the resort, and found a couple amazing breakfast spots to visit after you venture out from your home away from home.

6 Breakfast Spots in Bali and What We Ordered


Toad in the Hole: A pan fried brioche and egg with sautéed mushrooms, finished with truffle oil and thyme.

Cafe at The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas

EVERYTHING: Try everything at this most opulent buffet. Try the pizza, Chinese dim sum and noodles, Japanese sushi, Indian, Indonesian, and of course a lot of desserts. There is an entire room dedicated to dessert complete with an ice cream bar.


The Porch Cafe

Jezza Recovery Breakfast: A little grease to line the stomach. A toasted bacon and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce.

Cafe Moka

Petit Dejeuner Parisien: A glass of fruit juice, two breakfast cakes, a basket of bread, butter and jam, and a cup of coffee.


Deus Cafe: Deus Ex Machina

Breakfast burrito. Standard fare. Cool peeps.


Breakfast Made in Your Villa

Nearly every villa offers chef services. Waking up in the morning to banana pancakes, sizzling bacon, and fresh squeezed juice was oh so amazing.


The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas

From the minute you arrive here, you realize that you are at a world class resort. There are multiples of staff, but you do not feel overwhelmed by them. You can see the Balinese culture in the ethnic uniforms, and the perpetual bowing, but it comes across completely genuine. It is in these details that you begin to understand the dichotomy that is The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas. This mega resort boasts eight phenomenal restaurants, acres of white beaches, and glorious Instagram worthy framing at your every turn. The twist is that the resort is in Bali. It is so decadent that even with available private car service, you could be easily tempted to never explore a square inch outside of this property, and have an amazing vacation as well as a social media account that is the envy of all of your co-workers. The rooms are modern in decoration, aesthetically as well as technologically, down to multi-functional toilets. Our view was 180 degrees of Indian Ocean from our luxurious patio furniture or from the tub through floor-to-ceiling windows. During our trip, we ate from their wonderful buffet for hours at a time, sipped drinks poolside from coconuts under majestic statues, ingested gold and caviar, and were massaged into oblivion. This resort sets a standard in luxury that very few resorts in the world could meet.

The Expert: Adam Bardetta
Title: Director of Operations at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas

Q: Where are you from?

Adam Bardetta: I’m from Sydney, Australia.

Q: Why do you love Bali?

AB: Bali is the ideal destination, as there is such a diverse array of experiences available to you. There really is something to do for just about everyone—beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, glorious rice fields, and adventurous experiences such as rafting, trekking, fishing, diving, surfing, and so much more. But, more than that, the Balinese people offer such a rich depth of art and culture.

Q: How is The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas different from the other luxury resorts we will find in Bali?

AB: The property offers three different experiences. The Mulia is a boutique all-suite resort with 111 suites. Mulia Resort has 526 accommodations, including lagoon pool rooms and suites and Mulia Villas are nestled on the hills of Nusa Dua with private gardens and views of the Indian Ocean, offering total privacy and relaxation.

Q: With so many beautiful offerings, what feature on the property is the most photographed?

AB: The Balinese ladies statue at The Oasis Pool of The Mulia.

Q: With so many amazing options to dine on property, where do you eat and what is your favorite dish?

AB: Now that’s a challenging question. It’s like asking which of my children do I like most! Each of our restaurants offers such a wonderfully different experience that I always look forward to each of them. I enjoy Japanese at Edogin on the teppanyaki table, Soleil’s seafood on the beach, Table 8’s very authentic Chinese dishes, and the vast array of cuisines at Café … how do I choose?!

Q: What is the largest suite you offer, and what are some of the amenities?

AB: The Marquess Suite at The Mulia is designed with an exquisite taste of luxury; a 2 bedroom suite with exquisitely designed oversized bedrooms, plush bedding with 1, 000 thread count linen, luxurious living rooms, and a dining area equipped with a high-tech entertainment system. The suite is completed with a jacuzzi on the patio for guests to enjoy the impeccable view of the beach and ocean, delicate bed runner, superb custom made carpets with a different design for every type of suite, and custom ordered furniture. At Home in Bali

Q: What is the largest villa?

AB: It is the Mulia Mansion at Mulia Villas, consisting of 6 bedrooms with a 24-hour private butler. The villa has an extra large outdoor hydrotherapy swimming pool facing to the hillside and ocean, comfortable beds with luxurious, custom-designed, unparalleled comfort, a spacious patio with an outdoor tropical garden, and a pavilion with a sofa and dining area. There are two separate and spacious nanny rooms with a shower and toilet, a designated area for the billiard room, a designated home theater area, and a spacious family room on the first floor connected to the indoor living room on the second story. At Home in Bali

Q: How do the villas and resort differ?

AB: The beauty of Mulia Villas is it is very much a small boutique villa property that offers incredibly personalized service and privacy. Each villa comes with your own private pool and tropical garden, as well as a butler who will look after all your needs. You can hide away in this very relaxing environment whilst having access to all of the wonderful Mulia Resort facilities should you wish. You have the best of both worlds!

Q: What activity do you recommend the most to your guests?

AB: They must do the Sunday brunch at Soleil. It is to die for! And don’t forget to stop at Sky Bar afterward for a post brunch cocktail! At Home in Bali

Q: What is the coolest amenity offered by the resort in your opinion?

AB: For me, the coolest amenities are always the ones that are personalized to that guest. For example, we once had a guest visit from Germany, and we knew they were football fans and Germany had just won the World Cup, so our very artistic butler team shaped the World Cup trophy and the word “champions” in white stones on the lawn of the guest’s villa on arrival. They cried with joy!

Q: What is the most outlandish request that you have fulfilled?

AB: We had a guest once who insisted on purchasing a very specific and expensive luxury watch for his partner’s birthday, which was in two days and he had to have it. The problem was, this brand of watch was simply not available in Bali. After many phone calls, we were able to source an agent in Singapore, who personally flew to Bali with the product and delivered it to the guest just in time for their special occasion! At Home in Bali


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