For the Temporary Home Office Solution, Fernish Delivers Rentable, Stylish Furnishings

Written By: Jennifer Pellerito
Photography Provided By: Fernish Fernish Rental Furniture

A new era of home design has made its way to Orange County. Meet Fernish, a popular furniture rental company that gives customers the freedom and flexibility to furnish a beautiful, inspired space—for as long- or short-term as needed. Fernish Rental Furniture

As basically the Rent the Runway of interior design, Fernish brings a breath of fresh air to the interior design industry, as an innovative way to design homes or apartments that might be short-term. Since it’s so common these days to live in a space for a year or less, why not make it easy and stress-free?

Co-founder and CEO Michael Barlow explains, “The excitement of trying a new job, trying a new city, trying a new roommate, trying a new relationship—how do you alleviate the friction associated with it?”

That’s where Fernish comes in. After the company established itself throughout the Los Angeles market in 2017, Barlow and Co-Founder Lucas Dickey recently decided to expand to the Orange County area. Curated with only the coolest midcentury modern designs, the collection of furnishings available allow customers to infuse effortless style into an interior space. It’s nearly too good to be true!

Especially as the current pandemic continues to progress, many renters and homeowners are looking for a better way to create the perfect work-from-home office setup. Demand has been off the charts for desks, office chairs, shelves and lamps. The company has seen a 75% spike in demand for rugs, throws, pillows and tabletop accessories.

The furnishings are way more than the run-of-the-mill furniture made with particleboard, which often damages easily with just a few drops of water or a too-hot coffee cup. In fact, the company is committed to a mission built on sustainability. Much like the downward trend against fast fashion, interior design is seeing a similar global response against fast furniture.

“As we started diving deeper into the space…we recognized what a wasteful industry it ultimately is,” says Barlow. Fernish hopes to reduce the amount of furniture that ends up in a landfill after a single use through the rental service it provides.

The furnishings you’ll discover through Fernish are made with quality materials and are built to last. “We are very deliberate about what we source, in terms of the entire product line, because it has to be able to be refurbished and put back into circulation once it’s used by one owner,” says Barlow. The company tends to source popular products from CB2 and Floyd.

Refurbishing furniture, instead of mass producing single-use items, significantly helps to reduce the 9.8 million tons of furniture that end up in landfills every year. By replacing wheels on a bar cart rather than replacing the entire piece, for instance, it’s possible to keep pieces longer rather than disposing of them. “You’re extending the maximum life of that furniture piece— [up to] years longer than what it might seem for a typical consumer,” says Barlow.

As far as the company’s response to COVID-19, Barlow says Fernish is taking all precautions very seriously and has implemented a conscientious approach to their furniture delivery. “We did a full reevaluation of our operations processes,” explains Barlow, “making sure to maximize safety across the board.” The delivery team uses sanitizing spray, masks, gloves and all PPE to ensure safety for customers through contactless drop off which includes assembly based on the customer’s preference.

What if you fall in love with a piece and want to keep it? There’s a good answer for that: Fernish allows customers to use what you’ve already paid to put towards purchasing the item. It’s a win-win. Fernish Rental Furniture

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