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Even the Pickiest Shoppers Will Discover Treasure

Written by: Tyler Holland Find the Perfect Holiday Gift at Heirlooms and Hardware

It’s getting to that point in the holiday season again. Though many of us have tried to cross out every last item from various wish lists, there are still items to be bought and not much time left to do so.

There’s also the question of office parties and pleasing the hard to shop for. The thought of a present being re-gifted or accepted with a remark along the lines of the sarcastic “Oh, you shouldn’t have” is not the ideal reaction. The only question is, where do you go to find such items, and better yet, is there a way to support local businesses through these purchases as well? Look no further, Heirlooms and Hardware provides a large assortment of unique hand crafted items created by the shop’s owner and local talent. From handbags to scented candles, there is something for everyone. You also won’t run the risk of buying someone something they already have, an added bonus.

Heirlooms and Hardware, founded by Joseph D’Ambra, carries a wide assortment of hand-crafted items all made by local artists. While living in Chicago, Joe developed a love for furniture and antiquing and figured why not make a shop that allowed him to work on his passions full time. However, Chicago’s market was not big enough to support Joe’s endeavors, so he moved to Southern California. Now, he is able to find antiques abroad during his travels to Europe, bring them back, clean them up in the Huntington Beach warehouse and create new unique pieces of art for others to enjoy.

The store provides a good mix of old and new items, all made in California. This use of recycled material creates the vintage feel experienced throughout much of the store, as well as helps the environment by re-purposing old material that could have otherwise been thrown away. This is a case where one man’s trash becomes a re-purposed statement piece in someone else’s home. If the item is not made by the owners themselves, they are made by other local artists, ensuring each piece supports the local artistic community. This is emphasized by the attempt to not even go as far as Los Angeles to find artists and get new pieces. From the furniture to the succulents, everything is custom and not likely to be found anywhere else.

Looking to add some additional decorations to your home this season? All ornaments here are made by hand and take the shape of traditional holiday staples such as Christmas trees and gingerbread men. There is also an assortment of vintage glassware and other home decorations such as table lamps, steel letters, wall art and wall hooks to name a few. The minimalist and uncluttered designs use mixtures of steel, wood and glass to create pieces that blend into any space seamlessly. Anyone interested in steampunk inspired items will be in heaven here. With so much to choose from, the hardest question is whether you should leave with only one item.

Are handbags more your thing? If so, Heirlooms and Hardware carries vintage unisex bags of all sizes. Whether you are looking for something that can store your laptop and books, or simply something to carry around your wallet, cell phone and a few other items, there is something here for you. Since each piece is unique to this store, you won’t be one of hundreds with the same bag, so standing out is no issue. If you are looking to buy a bag for someone who is a compulsive collector, you won’t have to worry about getting something similar to what they already own.

Interested in bringing the comfort of your favorite spa home with you? Check out the selection bath salts and scented candles perfect for all your relaxation needs. Candle scents include Baltic amber, French lavender and champagne rose amongst others. The cloud of protection spray will make sure all pathogens and bad vibes stay outside, while the C perfect skin and face fix will keep you looking your best. This combination will keep that spa feeling going all day long. Heirlooms and Hardware

As if splurging on yourself or a loved one this season needed any more encouragement. Once you’ve made up your mind, or even if you haven’t, head to Heirlooms and Hardware and pick up a one-of-a-kind gift this season.

Heirlooms and Hardware
2930 Bristol St Heirlooms and Hardware
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Heirlooms and Hardware
714.454.2420 Heirlooms and Hardware

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