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Written By: Elie Ayrouth for www.foodbeast.com First California Halal Guys Just Announced Their Grand Opening Date

Californians, get ready to drown in Halal Guys’ iconic white sauce (pause?) whenever you want.

The first location of the iconic New York-based street cart has been in development for some time, but will officially be open for business in Costa Mesa, CA on October 2nd, 2015.

If you’ve ever been to Manhattan or been on Instagram during one of your buddies’ trips to the Big Apple, then you’ll be familiar with the rice + meat + white sauce experience that is The Halal Guys. Wraps, bowls, fries, rice, chicken, pita…I can’t wait. Pro-tip, you can track The Halal Guys Southern California expansion progress on their public Instagram account (and for pictures of Middle Eastern food porn).

We’ll be there a day before tapping on the glass hoping they’ll let us in, but for those of you in the Southern California area looking to get your fix, the location is: 3033 Bristol St. in Costa Mesa, CA.