A First Timer’s Guide to the SFMOMA

San Francisco’s Hit MOMA is Where You Need to Spend Your Saturday

Written By: Nikki Sarantinos SFMOMA

It’s been said that San Francisco has lost its creativity within the art scene as the “techies” are slowly taking over—cue the San Francisco Museum of Art or SFMOMA. The reopening of the SFMOMA has proven that the art culture has never left. If you like to keep tabs on what’s going on in the local art scene, you should check out what the museum has to offer.

Seven floors of contemporary and modern art are a lot to get through.  To be honest, the overwhelming amount of exhibitions within the museum can seem intimidating. If you are familiar with only a few artists, the museum will go far beyond any expectations.

I decided to start at the top of the MOMA, working my way down. The seventh floor sets itself apart from the rest with its media art aspect, introducing the featured exhibition. It showcases modern art at its finest in a setting that does every piece justice. Every artist tells a different story and each is compelling, complex and intriguing. As I moved through the exhibit, I noticed that some art pieces took me a while to grasp. But keeping in mind that art is subjective—or  that’s what they say—I started interpreting the art in my own way.

Moving down floor to floor, I encountered paintings, sculptures and collages from artists I thought I would never see in my lifetime. Be it art from local artists, new and established, the impact is the same. It draws you in and asks the question, “How does this piece make you feel?”

A bonus when visiting the MOMA is the free app they provide to help guide your experience. This is not your ordinary tour guide, as you can choose from a wide variety of personalities to walk you through each floor of the museum with mind-blowing audio content and cutting-edge indoor positioning technology.

The artwork wasn’t the only eye-catching aspect of the museum. Never to be overshadowed, the eclectic group of people that make San Francisco fabulous came together to show their support for the arts.

Art is the meaning for self-expression. After my visit at the SFMOMA I have a better understanding of what I deem to be beautiful. Growing up, traditional paintings like those by Monet were pretty and delicate. But, after visiting the museum, I also found the beauty in modern society’s new take on the arts. Time spent taking in the artwork isn’t time lost, but in fact, knowledge gained. And for some, the museum should be a multiple day event to truly take in the artwork and the experience. For the others that breeze by the art pieces, it may be a single day event. Whatever amount of time you decide to spend looking at each painting, statue, or collage, the SFMOMA is the perfect landscape to learn and appreciate modern art.

151 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Grab Your Buds and Punch Your Ticket to SFMOMA

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