“Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis, Burger Breakdown and Our Home and Away Guide

Up, up and away we drove into the Hollywood Hills, in search of the location for our cover shoot with “Flipping Out” star, Jeff Lewis. Through winding, narrow roads, we drove as though we were seasoned Italians navigating the Tuscan countryside. Peekaboo views of Los Angeles flashed in my peripherals while I made sure to keep my eyes on the road.

The house was hidden away, but its discreet facade hid what can only be described as magnificent. When Lewis arrived, he voiced a similar reaction. He said with wide eyes, “these views are insane!” Photographer Ryan Hensley wasted no time snapping shot after shot. While West and Lewis swapped stories about their kids, Lewis’ playful demeanor made for some fantastic photos. “He was great to work with! He was very nice and receptive to our ideas and very collaborative,” said Hensley. With the help of beauty stylists Debbie Carey and Ivonne Herrera, and wardrobe stylists Claudia Alvarado and Brianna Young, it only took a few minutes to pull together looks that best mirrored Lewis’ confidence and style, as well as his aim for perfection.

The elegant, crisp decor with the backdrop of the bustling mega-city matched Lewis’ refined attire but zero-bullshit attitude. His partner, Gage Edward, was on deck, managing the details like a rolled sleeve or a hair out of place. His attentiveness and their witty banter are nothing short of #relationshipgoals.

Within a couple hours, West had captured a solid collection worthy of our subject. And just in the nick of time, Lewis was ready to go on with his busy day of being a new dad and a businessman. “My ADD is kicking in,” he said with a smile. While our time was full of laughs and smiles, that was our cue to wrap it up, but not without a few Insta-pics of that view!

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