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Flyin’ High in the Summertime

Written By: Angela Hatcher Fly the Skies in Luxury with Air Charter Service

“At Air Charter Service, our mission is simple: to deliver service beyond expectations.”                                                                     -Chris Leach, Chairman, Air Charter Service      

Set your summer plans in motion to paradise with a luxurious ride on a vip aircraft charter. Whether you’re anxious to boogie down at your favorite music festival, make a splash in a 5-star resort pool or try your luck in a Vegas poker game, Air Charter Service (ACS) can fly you to your destination across state in true style. Leave your car in the driveway, toss your worries out the window, and say “hello” to the good life one air mile at a time. As a leading international aircraft charter specialist, ACS offers the best in high-end service, safety, privacy and comfort. If first and business class no longer cut the mustard, then a vip aircraft charter, would certainly be your  next best option.

In 1990, Chris Leach began Air Charter Service from his basement in  England. His dad was a pilot, and aviation is the blood that runs through Chris’ veins. He combined his love of flying with one important premise: offer the best customer service you possibly can, and you will have repeat clients. He has never forgotten his promise to do just that, and now there are a range of offices around the globe, with dedicated and highly experienced account managers ready to provide the most efficient and tailored solutions for your aircraft charter needs quickly and effectively; 24/7, 365 days a year.

So, whether you are planning to take a stroll down the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Wednesday morning, gathering your entire group of family and friends for a Saturday afternoon destination wedding in Maui, or heading out with your date to the California Roots Music Festival for a weekend in Monterey, Air Charter Service is the solution to your travel needs. ACS will enhance your travel experience by giving you the option to create your own schedule, allow you and your guests to fly together in one group, give you access to more airports, and with access to over 50, 000 aircraft, they will find the aircraft that is the perfect fit for you.

If you’re looking for discreet transportation, air taxis i.e. helicopters, propeller planes or light jets are also a cost effective and super plush option for those short distances, and they allow passengers to avoid the crowds and fly into smaller airports nearer to their destinations. Furthermore, executives might enjoy The Lindbergh Card, a prepaid Jet Card that allows you to fly anywhere in the world on any aircraft and is completely refundable.

Of course vip aircraft charter solutions are likely to come at a premium cost, as one would expect. But the good news is (for all those thrifty bargain hunters) that there are  ways and means of enjoying  this dream like experience at a fraction of the cost. When an air charter repositions back to its base or is continuing on to another location, it sometimes is empty or has unfilled seats. In the aviation industry, these flights are known as “Empty Legs.” These seats can be purchased at a fraction of the regular price, and ACS’ Empty Legs Specialists can inform you when your chosen route appears on their database.  

Keep an eye out for them as their offices are around the state, so if you’re looking to book a private jet (whether it’s for you or boss), be sure to get in touch with ACS team, and they’ll assist in arranging the required transport you desire.

Air Charter Service

Air Charter Services takes luxury sky high.