We’re Here for the Schmear

Written By: Dash Finley 
Photographed By: Jayme Burrows  Bagel Truck Los Angeles

One menu item that isn’t on LA’s list of hometown favorites is the good ol’ fashioned bagel. This absence was noted by Evan Fox, who turned his irritation into inspiration when he co-founded the now-beloved Yeastie Boys bagel truck in 2014. “I lived in New York for a while and being Jewish… I was really surprised because there weren’t that many bagel options [when I got here]. I wanted to put a spin on the type of food I grew up eating,” says Fox.

Five years later, one truck has turned into three, and Yeastie Boys has become a ubiquitous force in the LA street-food scene. But, according to Fox, the root of this success can be traced back to two iconic sandwiches.


The Game Over Bagel Truck Los Angeles

This hedonistic heavyweight combines the bagel and breakfast sandwich with stunningly satisfying results, pairing a luscious cheddar bagel with fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, fresh tomato and a thick “schmear” of zesty jalapeño cream cheese. “Game over, for me, exemplifies what we are,” reminisces Fox. “My goal was to create…an egg and cheese flavor bomb on a bagel.”


The Game Over Ingredients: Bagel Truck Los Angeles

-Scrambled Egg
-Cheddar Jalapeño Schmear
-Cheddar Bagel


Native Knowledge: The Game Over is the very first sandwich that Fox ever made when he was putting together the Yeastie Boys concept. No wonder it holds such sentimental value!


The Lox Deluxe Bagel Truck Los Angeles

Though Yeastie Boys is all about experimentation, this sandwich hews closer to old-school deli tradition with its time-tested blend of smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese, tomato, red onions and capers, all mounded atop a sesame bagel. “It’s got to be a staple,” remarks Fox. “The lox is something versatile and classic. It’s Yeastie 101.”


The Lox Deluxe Ingredients:

-Smoked Salmon
-Scallion Schmear
-Red Onion
-Sesame Bagel


Native Knowledge: Fox used the Lox Deluxe as a test subject for an experiment known as “The Heavy,” which involves the inclusion of a crisp, fried hash brown in the middle of the sandwich. Patrons loved the idea, and, today, one can order any sandwich on the menu “Heavy” style.


Yeastie Boys Bagels
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