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Corey Marshall of @missfoodieproblems Tells Us What It Takes to Be an LA Foodie Blogger

Written and Photographed By: Corey Marshall Foodie Instagram

5 Tips For Becoming a Successful Food Blogger

Corey’s ‘Gram: “I started my account at the beginning of 2015 when I was nannying. At the time, I noticed food accounts popping up, had a lot of free time on my hands and decided—why not start my own!”

Tip 1 | Network

Network with people you share interests with! Instagram is the perfect place to do this.

Tip 2 | Let There Be Light

Natural lighting is your best friend.

Tip 3 | Be Yourself

Show your personality and be yourself through stories, captions and photos.

Tip 4 | Rev-up Your Creativity

Don’t be afraid to evolve. I am constantly striving to post content that gets me out of the box!

Tip 5 | Grit Through

Don’t get discouraged. Without challenges, there is no actual success.

Corey’s Favorite Instagram Accounts:

“They all keep it real—sharing their ups and downs. As much as it has become somewhat of a buzzword as of late, I just love following people that exude authenticity.”


10k – August 2015
20k – September 2015
50k – January 2016
80k – July 2016

Fun Facts:

“I have a love for Italy and feel drawn to Italian cuisine! I’ll be traveling there for the second time next year.”
– 12 Trips She Vows to Go On Each Year—One Per Month
– 1 Time She Eats Out Per Week (To Curb Cravings)
– 50 Photos Taken Per Meal

Corey Marshall@missfoodieproblems