We Found Your New Sanctuary at Min’s Dynasty Beauty and Wellness Center in Huntington Beach

Owners Minta and Jack Zarris Talk Makeup and Facial Services

Written By: Chelsea Raineri

Maybe you have a fabulous red carpet event to attend this weekend; maybe your big wedding day is coming up, or maybe you just want to take your eyelashes to the next level. Whatever your beauty needs may be, Min’s Dynasty Beauty and Wellness Center has you covered.

“Minta opened Min’s Dynasty in Huntington Beach because she loves the community. And of course being four blocks from the beach is not only a bonus for the business but is also a benefit for everyone working there,” said Co-Owner Jack Zarris about his wife.

With an extensive list of services including everything from microblading and Botox to acupuncture and lash extensions, Min’s Dynasty is your one stop beauty shop. They also offer permanent makeup—yes, permanent! Forget having to fill in your brows every morning or reapply your lipstick after that first cocktail. Min’s Dynasty offers microblading eyebrow services that imitate real hair that fills in your brows between those sparse areas. “Eyebrows are one of the most defining facial features and our clients love that they can rise from bed, get out of the pool and leave the gym always looking their best,” said Zarris. You can also get a permanent lip line or full color.

Need to revitalize your skin? Min’s Dynasty offers several facials to fit the formula you need! From an organic facial to even an oxygen facial. They can also help to fix pigmentation with the Hyperpigmentation Treatment Facial. If you’re looking to run in for some quick R&R time on your lunch break, opt for the Mini Facial, a 30-minute facial that deep cleans and gets rid of visible black/white heads.

You can also relax and unwind with their acupuncture services. Your first time includes an examination and lasts for 45 minutes, and every time after that will be a 35-minute session. “The first time a customer comes in for acupuncture services they are led through an examination where they explain any issues they are experiencing such as areas of chronic pain, nausea and migraines. This allows our acupuncturist to focus on the areas that need the most attention and determine a short and/or long term plan to address them,” said Zarris.

If you love their treatments, you can become a certified and trained permanent makeup and/or microblading professional! All the classes are taught one-on-one with Minta, co-owner of Min’s Dynasty. “All training includes the needed supplies and Minta will continue with each artist’s training until she feels they have mastered the necessary skills. Her trainee’s skills are a reflection on Minta and she wants all her artists to be successful in their new businesses,” said Zarris.

Native Knowledge: Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, and whether you are a cancer survivor or a current patient, Min’s Dynasty Beauty and Wellness Center offers free services for cancer patients and survivors who have lost facial hair. This includes their permanent makeup services as well as microblading. They also offer an areola service for post breast reconstructive surgery.

Min’s Dynasty Beauty and Wellness Center
428 Main St, Ste 101
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Head to Min’s Dynasty Beauty and Wellness in Huntington Beach for Your Beauty Needs

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