Founders of NanoCraft CBD in San Diego Are Changing the Quality of CBD (and Life)

NanoCraft CBD Founders Todd Erwin and Stefan McKellar Are Doing Good in the Industry

Written by: Jessica Young
Photographed By: James Tran Best CBD

In a new market scene that is literally ablaze with a constant influx of new products, San Diego-based NanoCraft CBD has set themselves apart from others trying to make a name for themselves in the cannabidiol arena. Not only do they use top-quality, hemp-derived CBD products scientifically engineered for “the athlete in all of us,” but NanoCraft CBD also sets itself apart with their dedication to philanthropy through their charitable organization, NanoCraft Kids.

“We really want to change the CBD market and our community with our products,” says NanoCraft CBD Co-Founder Todd Erwin. “And we have a number of ways we’re doing that with our innovation, our unique products and the charities we work with.”

Erwin and his business partner, Stefan McKellar, founded NanoCraft CBD three years ago with an ambitious mission. They wanted to change the perception of CBD products and help people see the benefits they provide. They wanted to disassociate from the negative stigma that has attached itself to marijuana and identify as an industry leader in the health and fitness market. Simple education was one of their greatest obstacles—consumers needed to know that CBD products aren’t synonymous with weed.

“We really want to stop people in their tracks. We need to be able to address the misconceptions and be able to tell people, ‘No, this isn’t the same thing as weed. CBD is different, and here’s why in order to get them to recognize the benefits of our products,” Erwin explains.

By harnessing the health benefits that CBD offers, without the “high” that THC provides, the pair believes they can blend science and nature to benefit everyone’s wellbeing. Their line is unique and varied, including soft gels, enhanced water, supplements, pain sticks and drops. This variation promises a safe introduction to CBD products that new users can be comfortable with as well as a range that those who are more familiar can explore.

“What we want people to see is that they’ve got options. The hope is that people can use CBD to reduce their dependence on the drugs that do harm. You hear of people getting hooked on Xanax and opioids—these people are just looking for relief. And while everybody is different and nothing is guaranteed, some people are seeing great results using CBD without the unwanted side effects,” McKellar says.

While promoting health benefits and fostering education and understanding around CBD is very important for Erwin and McKellar, they also aim to be a leading brand in the CBD market that consumers could trust.

“We like to think of ourselves as the Nike of the CBD market,” notes McKellar. “We are a top-tier brand that provides a top-quality product. We work hard to make sure that every part of our user experience is excellent, from our packaging to our website, and of course the taste.”

In order to build trust in their brand, NanoCraft CBD makes science-based information readily available to consumers via data-based blogs and research on their website. NanoCraft CBD also heads the second-largest CBD education group on Facebook. Additionally, the company has dedicated itself to philanthropy, contributing $1 from each product sold to charitable organizations, such as the Mauli Ola Foundation and Child Hunger Sucks, through NanoCraft Kids.

“We wanted to make sure that we could put something back into the community with what we were doing. The two organizations that we work with are really focused on helping out kids and that’s really important,” McKellar explains. “We’ve already been able to give about $10,000 so far this year. We’re hoping to reach our big goal of being able to donate $100,000 by the end of the year. We’re on track to reach that and I really think we can.”

While the popularity of CBD continued to grow rapidly over the last several years, the use of CBD health products by athletes and other individuals is still under question. NanoCraft CBD is doing their part to bring awareness and promote the benefits that CBD promises. Fortunately, the athletics industry is making strides by connecting NanoCraft CBD sponsorship agreements with athletes in a variety of sports including surfing, tennis and golf.

“There were times when we were literally bootstrapped, trying to make this happen. We had to keep pushing through all of that. And we couldn’t do it without the team we have here,” says McKellar. “We’ve been able to surround ourselves with people who have our same vision. And we’re so lucky for that—none of this would be possible without them.”

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