From Tonics to Mocktails, Here’s 5 Drinks You Should Be Sipping This Dry January

0% Alcohol, 100% Flavor

Written By: Kandace Cornell Dry January Mocktails

If alcohol helped you survive the nightmare that was 2020, you’re certainly not alone. But if your New Year’s resolutions involve eliminating hangovers and losing those pesky quarantine pounds, well, you’re not alone there either. Breaking up with booze can be tough, but there’s no need to fret—cocktail hour isn’t canceled. We’ve found some majorly thirst-quenching alternatives that will keep you sane while keeping your bar cart stocked. Cheers to Dry January and beyond!


1 | The Mocktail Club Dry January Mocktails

Fresh and fruity, this alcohol-free collection includes a quartet of prebottled flavors that put a fresh spin on cocktail classics. Formulated with superfood fruits like pomegranate and blackberry along with hints of signature spices like fresh ginger and cardamom, sip on summery flavors like a Capri Sour or a Havana Spritz, and you won’t even miss the buzz.


2 | Mother Kombucha Dry January Mocktails

If you haven’t yet jumped on the Kombucha train, what are you waiting for? Resembling a refreshing hybrid of beer and cold tea in flavor, kombucha is known for its many health benefits. Think flavors like Jasmine Flower and Lavender Mojito, infused with supplements like turmeric and Goji berries for good measure. Because when it comes to hydration, Mother knows best.

3 | Kin Euphorics

Formulated with a uniquely proprietary blend of mood enhancing adaptogens and nootropics (Google them if you’re unfamiliar), these natural, plant-based ingredients are designed to work in tandem to create a blissful (“euphoric,” if you will) experience. Experience added health benefits and ditch the dreaded morning-after crash! Whether you need to perk up or wind down, there’s an ideal version for you. High Rhode is designed for a social experience, while microdoses of melatonin make Dream Light the ideal way to drift off to sleep. Serve on the rocks and blend with your favorite mixers.


4 | Cann Tonics Dry January Mocktails

Dubbed “social tonics,” these fizzy friends put the “can” in cannabis. For only 35 calories, you can crack open a cold one and enjoy flavors like grapefruit rosemary, lemon lavender or orange cardamom, which come infused with a healthy dose of THC and CBD. You can also take your buzz to go with liquid packs that will add a little substance to an ordinary beverage, all without the next-day blues.


5 | TÖST Dry January Mocktails

A flavorful blend of white tea, cranberry and ginger, this festive beverage was designed with celebration in mind. Equally delicious when sipped alone or blended into a mocktail, there’s no wrong way to TÖST. Packaged in four-packs (resembling beer) or standalone in a shapely tall bottle that can stand side-by-side with any fine wine, this brand will bring a little cheer to your tablescape and make any event feel like an occasion.

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