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7 Wild Things You Definitely Haven’t Tried Before in California—#4 is #NSFW

Pair These Crazy SoCal Adventures With Your Favorite CBD Products

It’s time to skip the mundane activities and do something WILD. We’re talking skinny dipping, haunted hiking and walking down into a basement for an unexpected dining experience. For the wild at heart, we’ve paired seven Southern California activities with our favorite Wild By Nature CBD tinctures…to help us feel calm among the chaos. LOCALE readers can get 15% off Wild By Nature by using the code GETWILD15 at checkout! Fun Activities With CBD


1 | Experience: Naked Yoga at Black’s Beach

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Balance CBD Drops 


Stretching along the rocky La Jolla coastline is Black’s Beach—a beloved local surf spot…and nude beach! Strip down to your birthday suit and take a nude yoga class on the sand, enjoying the natural sounds of rolling waves and a cool ocean breeze. Before you go, be sure to pack Wild By Nature’s Balance CBD Drops, which features 100mg of CBD per 1mL. These tart drops are sure to keep you “balanced” while you hold a pose in the buff.


Fun Activities With CBD

2 | Experience: Haunted Hiking at Black Star Canyon

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Chill CBD Drops

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Eager for a spooky thrill? Black Star Canyon, located deep in the heart of the Santa Ana Mountains, has been deemed one of the strangest paranormal hikes in Orange County. A majority of the trek involves climbing up boulders, but hikers are rewarded with stunning views along the way and a waterfall at the end. Local lore suggests that Black Star Canyon is deeply haunted, and hikers have claimed to hear eerie sounds of tribal drums, music and conversation in the bushes. Screams and howls have also been heard after dark, along with faint chanting. If you dare to go, be sure to pack your Chill CBD Drops to keep you calm as you encounter the spirits of this haunted canyon.


3 | Experience: Kayak Through the La Jolla Caves

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Fresh CBD Drops


For those up for a seafaring adventure, book a kayak tour through the La Jolla Caves and explore one of the oldest geographical landmarks in the area (over 75 million years old!). Each of the seven caves has a distinct name and story, such as Sea Surprize, which contains colorful and fossilized marine life. Book your tour through La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks and bring along Wild’s Fresh CBD Drops for a boost of calm when the tide gets high or the caves get spooky. 


4 | Experience: Matte Black Coffee in DTLA

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Inspire CBD Drops


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Have you ever wished you could hop inside a comic book? Now is your chance at Matte Black Coffee in DTLA. This all black and white coffee shop, designed by Joshua Vides, will be a coffee experience like none other! Enjoy your Inspire CBD Drops before walking in, and take in the trippiness of it all! We suggest their French Toast Cold Brew and a macaroon.

Fun Activities With CBD

5 | Experience: Skinny Dipping at Pulkey’s Pool

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Fresh CBD Drops

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Just a short drive from Mammoth Lakes is the Hilltop Hot Springs, or as locals call it, Pulkey’s Pool. This scenic, natural hot spring offers 360-degree views of the Sierra Mountains and surrounding meadows, making it the perfect spot for an evening soak. Be sure to bring a few Fresh CBD Drops to help you relax in the bubbling warm water. And to keep things interesting, don’t pack a swimsuit…

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6 | Experience: Watch a Movie in a Cemetery

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Chill CBD Drops


Would you hang out for fun at a cemetery?! Apparently, it’s kind of a thing to do in LA. At Hollywood Forever Cemetery, outdoor movie screenings are held every summer from May until September. Take your Chill CBD Drops to calm any spooky nerves, then sit back on your picnic blanket while you (try to) relax and enjoy the show! 

Fun Activities With CBD

7 | Experience: Hike to Potato Chip Rock in Ramona, CA

Keep Calm With: Wild By Nature Serene CBD Drops


You’ve probably seen a photo or two on your IG feed of someone on this infamous rock. Yes, a rock. Potato Chip Rock looks very well like you’re hanging out on a giant potato chip. The photo ops are endless once you hike to this destination. After you accomplish getting the perfect picture and hiking back down, chill out with Serene CBD Drops

Fun Activities With CBD

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