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Our Next Chapter Dives Into How You Should Make Your New Home’s Furniture Reflect Your Personality.

Written By: Marissa Wright Furnishing Your New Home with a Personal Touch
Photography By: Stephen Panosian

The Expert: Scott Jussila
Credentials: Retail Market Manager, Room & Board South Coast Plaza

Step Three: Find the Furnishings That Say YOU

Now that you’ve identified your style, it’s time to choose furniture. Unless you somehow managed to acquire a fully furnished home that is also your style, your new house will need decorating and at least a few pieces of furniture. If you are ready to invest in your living space and have outgrown IKEA, start heading towards South Coast Plaza and drop by Room & Board for an exceptional shopping experience. Most people never had a personal shopper or designer assist them with purchases, so it can be hard to imagine what Room & Board’s dedicated attention feels like. In an environment free of “sales” people and commission-driven tactics, Room & Board is the equivalent of enjoying fine dining after a lifetime of fast food. Besides, you already endured the stress of house hunting, buying and moving – why not work with professionals who have nothing to gain other than your satisfaction?

Philosophically different, Room & Board quietly entered the furniture scene in 1980 and has been trying to change the way people decorate one room at a time. While some distinctions are less noticeable at first, there is something special about everything from the furniture pieces to the people who work there. Retail market manager Scott Jussila is no exception. After spending over a decade working with various operas and managing productions across the country, Jussila decided to put down roots in Chicago, which ultimately led to his first exposure to Room & Board. He was so impressed by his experience of buying furniture and everything they do as a company that he filled out an application to work with them the next day. Sipping a cup of coffee while taking in one of their flawless vignettes makes the appeal pretty tangible. Once you learn more about their efforts to promote sustainability and limit their carbon footprint, it’s almost impossible to have a bad thing to say. Not many furniture companies share Room & Board’s sentiments that it is better for the environment (and your wallet) to create timeless, high quality, and durable products.

For those who do not feel they have a flair for interior design or just don’t know where to start, the staff of Room & Board encourages you to work with their in-house designers and take your time. When picking out furnishings, you are beginning the transformation of a house into your home by channeling your aesthetic, and it can be daunting to say the least. It’s not unusual to want to race to the finish line and just get the project done. But Jussila may have put it best when he said, “You buy a pair of jeans once a month or once a year. You don’t buy furniture for your household all the time. So take your time. You can sit in a room and have a coffee while you decide what pillows you want, what frames you like – everything should take a little bit of time. It’s kind of like the slow food movement – this is a little bit of the slow design movement. Take a little bit of time to find your style.” Fortunately, the simple but modern designs of their collections are the perfect foundation for any style preference as they set the stage for inspiration. Room & Board is about home, design, and community if you ask Jussila — all that’s missing is your passion.

Jussila’s Tips for Decorating on a Budget:
1. Grab Some Pillows: They’re an easy (and cost effective) way to change up a color scheme or add some patterns to a room.
2. Splurge on Fresh Flowers: Keeping it simple with one type of flower means you won’t have to be an expert at flower arranging, and a good statement vase doesn’t hurt.
3. Get Organized: Clutter is decorating’s public enemy number one. Put away (or throw out) the things that you don’t use all the time so you can showcase your style instead of all your stuff.
4. Set the Mood: Having scented candles is never a bad idea, and having the right lighting concept can elevate a space.
5. Offer Something Extra: Jussila swears by having a box of chocolates, candy, or another treat for anyone who comes over. Being hospitable is always in style.

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