Ladies, Now Let’s Get Some Nutrition: Check Out What Makes GEM Vitamins So Special

We Sat Down With the Founder of GEM to Get the 411 on Her Female-Centered Business

Written By: Aubrey Freitas
Photographed By: Tae Kwon

There’s nothing more important than taking care of our health. With health-consciousness at an all-time high, there’s been an upswing of positive changes brought about by yoga, meditation and physical wellness practices. But Sara Cullen, CEO and founder of GEM, has made it her mission to change the way we talk, and think, about vitamins. Cullen is one of the masterminds creating better ways to live a healthy lifestyle with her female-focused vitamin brand, which is shaking up the vitamin industry with a new shape, transparent ingredients and real food.

GEM started in 2017 when Cullen was going through her own intense health journey which included breakouts, inflammation, testing out new diets, months of allergy tests and, eventually, taking vitamins—all of which were unsuccessful in relieving her ailments. Instead, the lack of a solution sparked the idea to start her own entrepreneurial journey.

“I had always been a skeptic of vitamins, but [after] learning I had been deficient in key nutrients I turned to supplementation to help fill the gaps in my diet,” Cullen said. This turn to vitamins led her to be shocked at how unregulated the vitamin industry was—full of artificial, synthetic, over-processed, mislabeled junk—and motivated her to propose an empowering, transparent solution. “I couldn’t find anything I trusted, so I decided to build my own,” stated Cullen. “My obsession led me to figure out ways in which we can better diversify and complete our nutrition with real food in cleaner, more delicious ways.” Forty prototypes later, GEM was born. They chose a name that would evoke what the brand is at its core—a gem.

Cullen followed her passion for women’s health and nutrition to make supplements that aren’t branded as diet pills or a way to get skinny, but rather a way to better nourish the body. “Women have different anatomies than men,” said Cullen, “We need different things. We need to nourish ourselves differently.” GEM vitamins are here to create a supplement that raises women up, instead of beat them down. Cullen added, “A healthier, more empowered womankind is better for everyone.”

GEM is completely transparent with their ingredients and, unlike other supplements on the market, they are regulated by the FDA, “because we’re real food,” emphasized Cullen. “Women always know what they’re putting in their bodies when they take GEM,” she added.

A lot of products brag about how they stand out from the rest, but GEM sets itself apart from the wave of traditional and unregulated supplements from the very moment you open the container. You won’t find the familiar capsules or gummies you’ve taken in the past. Instead, you’ll find a cube of 100 percent real food, real nutrition and real health. “I hope by seeing vitamins in a different format they not only question what a vitamin should look like, but what they’re made of, where they come from and how they’re built,” said Cullen.

GEM has come a long way from launching their first of 40 prototypes. What’s new in GEM vitamins’ journey? They just launched their 30-day monthly subscription packs in September with two flavors—peppermint and lemon, and are constantly brewing up new ideas. They’re a brand to watch for many reasons: their passion for improving and nourishing women’s lives, their trailblazing efforts in creating a real and true vitamin and, of course, their fearless leader, Sara Cullen.

Sight-Seer: “I’ve traveled to more than 40 countries,” Cullen said. Her favorite? “The most magical place [was] Myanmar.”

New in Town: Cullen only moved to LA less than a year ago, but she’s already enjoying the Southern California way of life by learning how to surf.

Pet Pal: Cullen is no stranger to living with pets—she grew up with more than 15 different species, including a peacock!


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