Get Addicted at Costa Mesa’s New Coffee Shop, Coffee Dose

Jeni and Oscar Castro Are Helping You Get Your Daily Dose

Written By: Ameihia Turingan
Photographed By: Mathew Martinez

Expert: Jeni and Oscar Castro
Credentials: Owners of Coffee Dose

Q: What inspired you to create Coffee Dose?

Jeni Castro: Basically, just our love of coffee. But my biggest thing about the coffee shops in Costa Mesa is that they are lacking the really fresh ingredients and I really wanted to try to improve that [by] making things like fresh in-house nut milk more available in our area.

Oscar Castro: Not only is coffee part of our daily routine; we often seek-out different coffee experiences and we’re not shy about traveling to them.

Q: What makes Coffee Dose stand apart from other coffee shops in the area?

OC: We use in-house nut milk like Cinnamon Almond, Almond Lavender and on occasion we’ll feature specialty milk like Walnut and my favorite Pistachio.

JC: We’re going to be doing special lattes [where] we actually infuse our milk. For instance, the Beauty Latte is going to have rose milk so we’re really excited about that.

Q: What is your favorite Coffee Dose drink?

JC: I love them all, but I would say the top two that I know are going to do the best [are] the Beauty [Latte and The Burner].

OC: My favorite by far would have to be the one I prepare for myself daily, The Burner. This concoction will have your productivity level at an all time high without the crash because it doesn’t contain sugar(s). Just a little grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

Q: What has been your favorite memory so far creating Coffee Dose?

JC: The logo is really fun because coffee is a drug  that we can legally take all day long, which is great. But for the most part, I know for me, I need my coffee. And if I don’t get my coffee, bad things will happen in my day.

OC: So far just being able to collaborate side-by-side with Jeni. We both have our businesses separate from Coffee Dose, which has allowed us to learn how to work closer together in business and our at-home life.

Q: What’s something unique about Coffee Dose that most people wouldn’t know?

JC: So Oscar and I have absolutely no experience in the coffee business. We don’t know the first thing about the coffee business, all we know is that we are fully addicted to coffee and we’ve visited coffee shops all over the world.

OC: For people that are just finding out about Coffee Dose, they’d be interested to know that we’re located inside East Eighteenth, a cozy-chic hair salon we share space with.

Baby’s First Coffee: Another offering on the menu is a babyccino (a baby friendly cappuccino) called the Baby Fenella. Fenella is their daughter’s middle name.

Hot Spot: Noticing that the East Side of Costa Mesa was “a big open spot where there’s no coffee,” they decided to open their business there.

Native Knowledge: Jeni is also the owner of Bronzed Bunny, and Oscar owns El Raspadito.

Coffee Dose
116 E 18th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Photoshoot Location:
The OC Mix
3313 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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