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Fall in Love With Woodstock’s Pizza This Valentine’s Day

Written By: Jessica Young Woodstock’s Pizza

Woodstock’s Pizza has been a staple in the college experience of San Diegans for many years. Coeds and pizza fans alike have flocked to both the college-area and Pacific Beach locations for Woodstock’s unique approach on their signature dish. Thier Pizza is made with hand-tossed doughs, with crusts that fold over to envelope the “Grandma’s Recipe” marinara sauce inside. A wide range of toppings and combinations are available and are piled abundantly on each pie so that every bite has the perfect combination of flavors. And if pizza perfection weren’t reason enough to fall in love with Woodstock’s, their Valentine’s Day specialty pizzas may send you head over heels.

Available for both dine-in and delivery orders, all of you pizza lovers can request special heart-shaped pizzas or desserts send to their special someone’s on Valentine’s Day, to show their love and affection. Most of the heart-shaped orders are for the dessert pizzas, but the entree pizzas can also be crafted into a heart shape with three different sizes available.

“It started with one store, where we originally created a hand-cut pizza at a customer’s request. Our other store thought it would be fun and followed suit. Now, we typically do heart-shaped CinnaBreads because that’s proven to be more popular,” co-owner, Laura Ambrose, said.

Special messages can also be added, either written in toppings or inside the box as well. Each site will do their best to honor the requests of customers. A wide variety of requests has been made in the past, from Prom proposals to groveling apologies.

“We’ll try to add whatever a customer requests, within reason. We sometimes just put the messages on the inside of the box top… if we have someone who is an artist, awesome.  We’ve done drawings of Woody (the Woodstock’s dragon), cartoons, jokes and more,” said Ambrose.

The special pizzas, dessert or entree style, are available at the same menu prices as the regular pizzas. To get your hands (and mouth) on one, you simply need to request the special shape upon ordering. Prices range from $6.95 for a personal size pizza (not available in the heart shape), up to $19.40 for an extra large sized pie. Each location has staple menu items, like the Garlic Bird, Grateful Veg, and the All-Meat Orgy, alongside location-specific pies. The Pacific Beach offers the PB Point Classic and the Boardwalk, while the SDSU location counters with the Aztec Classic and Monty’s Revenge. Pizza fans can’t go wrong ordering one of the hand-crafted masterpieces, and even those looking for something a little lighter will feel at home. Both locations offer salads—order them off the menu or create your own. Desserts are also available at both locations and, according to Ambrose, a must-try, magical experience for customers.

“We also have a very loyal following for our CinnaBreads. One customer said, ‘The CinnaBread is made by combining angel kisses with the laughter of unicorns,’” Ambrose said. In addition to the heart-shaped delights, each location will also have specials going on for Feb. 14. The San Diego location will be hosting Valentine’s Day-themed trivia night, and the Pacific Beach location  will be offering two-for-one deals.

Although Valentine’s Day isn’t typically a busy day for Woodstock’s, the heart shaped pies and desserts will give you a reason to make pizza a part of your cupid-based traditions.

“We have couples who really love pizza coming in, and we encourage singles groups to come have fun together at Woodstock’s because it’s not a fine-dining place where you’re likely to see people swooning over each other over dinner,” Ambrose said.

Both locations will be offering the heart-shaped pizzas and Valentine’s Day messages. To order one, simply request the special shape and message when placing your order. They are available for both dine-in customers and delivery.

Woodstock’s Pizza, College Area
6415 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115

Woodstock’s Pizza, Pacific Beach
1221 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
Woodstock’s Pizza is the Way to Our Hearts <3

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