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General Manager Matthew La Vine Talks All Things Palm Springs

Written By: Nicole Hakim
Photographed By: George Duchannes Palm Springs Vacay

Expert: Matthew La Vine Palm Springs Vacay
Credentials: General Manager at Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa


Q: What inspired you to work in the hotel industry?

Matthew La Vine: It was mainly self-driven. I grew up in Los Angeles, and I like working with people. I got a job out of high school working in a local hotel, and that’s what got me the bug to continue. I enjoy the fact that there’s something new everyday that prevents the job from becoming monotonous. Also, you have the ability to move into virtually any city, and that gave me the opportunity to move out of Los Angeles.  

Q: What challenges have you faced in your position?

MLV: One of the biggest challenges I faced was not allowing my team or myself to become complacent. There is always something we can do to provide better service for our guests. We’ve gone through multiple renovations to make the hotel even better.

Q: What do you see for the future of Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa?  

MLV: I see success. We are in the midst of a multi-million dollar renovation. We are launching with a new restaurant, bar, lobby and Well Spa as well as fresh new branding to go with the changes. Our gym is getting a freshening as well.

Q: Where is your favorite place to travel to and why?

MLV: Locally, my wife and I enjoy Carmel. We love the scenery and the weather and the food. It’s a relaxing place, but there is also a lot to see and do. We also like Italy. Like Carmel, we love the scenery, food and experiences.

Q: What is the best part about working in the hotel industry?

MLV: For me, it’s the people I work with. It makes all the difference. You can work in an undesirable city, but having a team you enjoy makes the work enjoyable. I like making people happy and doing all I can to create memories for them and make them feel comfortable.

Q: What makes Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa unique?

MLV: It’s a small, intimate hotel. It’s in the heart of the valley, and when you step onto the property, you feel like you are worlds away. It is a very relaxing area with relaxing scenery, like the beautiful, majestic mountains.

That’s Amore: Matthew and his wife enjoy vacationing in Italy because of the scenery, food and experiences.

California Love: An LA native, Matthew loves that the hotel industry allows you to move to different cities.

Miramonte Resort & Spa
45000 Indian Wells Ln
Indian Wells, CA 92210

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