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Couture Talks His Pop Culture Muse, Spray Paint, and What We Can Expect at OMNIA

Written By: Jordan Ligons Spencer Couture

Donald Trump in a Donald Duck hat, ageless hip hop legends spitting rhymes on stage together, and Kim and Kanye on a red carpet with selfie sticks titled “Narcissticks.” Local spray-paint artist Spencer Couture has opinions on pop culture and he’s not afraid to paint it. “Pop Art is a beautiful outlet to state one’s point and express oneself, ” Couture states. These paintings portray our society in multi-colored canvases, and Couture likes to have a little fun on what may appear on your social media feed. On Thursday, Nov. 17, you’ll get to experience his art in a whole new way at OMNIA’s roof top, but before that, read on to learn his inspo and his artistic process.

Q: When did you fall in love with art?

Spencer Couture: Art has always been a part of my life for me, my mother is an amazing beadier and my older brother was into graffiti.

Q: Who and/or what has inspired you?

SC: When it comes to who has inspired me to paint a large part goes to my mom and my friends always giving me support and the drive to keep going forwards with my passion. I’m a huge fan of painters such as Jackson Pollock, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, and Pose. I draw so much inspiration from what they have accomplished and how they all have their own distinct style.

Where I draw my inspirations for my paintings predominantly is from the media. Fox News, CNN, TMZ, Sports Center, and of course Facebook and Instagram.  

Q: What about pop culture makes it your muse?

SC: We are engulfed by pop culture on so many platforms, television, social media, magazines, radio, blogs etc. Millennial’s are more opinionated because they are bombarded thousands of times a day. We are told day in and day out what’s cool, what to believe, what to wear etc. I like to poke fun of that aspect. I think it’s amazing how all of a sudden Kanye is a fashion icon, Trump [is] our next president, the Kardashians are idolized for nothing. Pop Art is a beautiful outlet to state one’s point and express oneself.

Q: I know you were self-taught, which is amazing, but how did spray paint become your favored medium?  

SC: Spray paint is such a hard medium to control, but once you learn how to control it, it is absolutely amazing. Spray paint is playable to virtually any surface and dries almost instantly.  When I used acrylic and oil I always lost patience with having to let the paint dry. With spray paint I can continually stay in art mode and keep my focus versus waiting for paint to dry.

Q: Walk us through, step by step, a piece of your work from a blank canvas to finished product.

SC: Once I figure out my topic or subject I get to designing. I like to use iconic images that are relatable to a majority of my audience. All of my paintings start off as colleagues that morph into paintings. Once my colleague is finished I pick out a color scheme. After that it’s time to paint. I layer every painting countless times with spray paint until I get them to look exactly the way I want to. Takes lots of trial and error.

Q: Growing up in Colorado, how did you choose San Diego as your new home base?

SC: Easy! I came out to San Diego on Spring Break when I was 16. I was riding my skateboard down the Pacific Beach boardwalk and just told myself that I was going to move here, so once I turned 18, I packed up my car with $400 in my account and drove to San Diego. I have been here ever since.

Q: Tell us more about your POP pARTy at OMNIA on Nov.17. What can we expect?

SC: Expect a vertical experience. My paintings will be displayed high above the crowd so everyone will be able to see art no matter where they are in the event. There will be graffiti murals, art on canvas, and even some performance art. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised. My goal is to transform the entire OMNIA roof top so people don’t even feel like they are at OMNIA. I will also be unveiling S. Couture Glass, which is my version of prints.

Q: What’s next for you?

SC: I’ve been designing art installations for a couple hotels and I will be getting started on them after the show. I also plan to expand the POP pARTy brand into a larger event that incorporates multiple artists, live art, dance, exhibitions, and music.

OMNIA San Diego
454 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Come See Spencer Couture’s Unbelieveable Art for Yourself at OMNIA Nov. 17