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Maria Shares Style Secrets for all of Your Above-the-Brow Needs

Written By: Melissa Mitchell and Gina Magnuson Race Hat Tips

The Expert: Maria Von Losch
Credentials: Stylist; Hat Judge; Creator of the Blog Saavy Nista

We’re tipping our hats with the greatest of precision to fashion stylist and renowned hat judge, Maria Von Losch. There is so much history and tradition behind those big-brimmed hats that we see in glorious overabundance at the race tracks and we jumped at the opportunity to dish with the gal who gets a front row view of these shady statement pieces. As local stylist, blogger (Saavy Nista), shop owner and overall fashion aficionado, Maria’s expertise paired perfectly with the hat-judging arena. Whether you’re spending the day at the races or just looking to vamp up your wardrobe, this gal’s got the 411 on everything headwear and beyond.

Maria’s affinity for hats spawned from her overarching passion for accessories in general. A firm believer in donning a generally neutral outfit and then dressing it up with add-ons, Maria loves styling up her blank slates with hats and accessories of all sorts. With a history of owning a vintage clothing store and ample experience in the styling, beauty, branding, and marketing departments, she was well equipped to pull some serious judging skills out of her hat (#wehadto). Given Maria’s wealth of chin to brim couture knowledge, it’s no surprise that she has been asked to judge headwear at Del Mar’s opening day races repeatedly. This year’s opening day is no exception, but Maria is also serving up a little something extra in the name of tradition and pomp. Along with her hat judging duties, Maria will be compiling a style trends roundup to be released prior to race day which will guide patrons in incorporating spring and summer trends into their race day ensembles. All styles will exude the latest looks with inspiration from 20s and 30s race day couture—winning combination!

Race day aside, it’s no secret that hats of all sorts are currently having a moment for men and women alike. Maria notes that the most gender-transcending cap is the fedora, that can be stylishly donned by both gents and ladies. What’s our style expert sporting above the neck these days? When it comes to headwear, Maria’s keeping Lack of Color over-sized brim felt hats in rotation for a boho-chic flair. Maria describes her daily personal style as a mix of vintage and boho-chic street wear. It’s a safe bet that she’ll be sporting this season’s hottest colors that she was kind enough to disclose: heather grey, navy, army green, and camel. When Maria’s not styling her customers or herself in hats, she likes to keep it fresh above-the-neck with head bands and fun hairstyles like crown braids and fishtails. Maria, hats off to you for keeping us in the know on the latest styles, both north and south of our noses. Your tips and tricks from race day judgings are sure to leave our future-contestant readers ahead of the curve!

Native Knowledge: Contestants beware! The competition just got a lot more fierce because (you heard it here first, folks!)  style star and hat judge Maria Von Losch is planning to enter this year’s competition! That’s right, Maria’s raising the brim by creating her very own design for race day entry. Back to the drawing board, people, we’ve got a style star in the running!

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