Credit: Erik Isakson
Credit: Erik Isakson

5 Secret Spots to Get Injectables That You’ve Never Thought of Before

Physician’s Center for Renewal Offers Unique Face and Body Injectables 

When deciding to get injections, you want to make sure you’re going to physicians with experience who will tailor treatments to you. Physicians Center for Renewal in Newport Beach is known for doing just that! “Dr. Michael Cerni and Certified Aesthetic Consultant and Patient Liaison Zara Cerni have created a practice that places an emphasis on staying up-to-date with advanced techniques and cosmetic products,” shares Physician’s Assistant “Jentle” Jen. Jen is an expert in all face/body injectables with six years of expertise. We chatted with her to get the inside scoop on some of the more unique places to get injectables! Get Rid of Wrinkles


1 | Neck/Decolletage 

The neck can be one of the most obvious signs of aging as signified by crepey skin and wrinkles. Injectables will plump the skin in the areas where wrinkles have begun to set in. Most commonly, the injectable used in this area is a hyper-diluted Radiesse. “Using diluted Radiesse as a plumping agent is a more recent finding that has been found to be very effective,” shares Jen.

Get Rid of Wrinkles

2 | Knees

Another area of concern that is often overlooked is the knees. The skin above the knees can become saggy as collagen production slows. Thankfully, injectables can also be used to plump the skin above the knee to give legs a more youthful appearance. Jen states, “Injections here will add volume and reduce the appearance of hanging skin by tightening it and prompting the creation of collagen.” 


3 | Hands

The skin on our hands is thin in comparison to other parts of our body and can quickly show signs of sun damage and aging. Radiesse injectables can be used to plump skin in this area, smoothing out wrinkles and hiding visible veins and tendons. With two to three treatments spaced four months apart, the aging of your hands can be drastically slowed.

Get Rid of Wrinkles

4 | Back of Arms

Contrary to popular belief, sagging skin on the back of the arm cannot be pulled back into shape by toning it at the gym. Skin elasticity and muscle tone diminish over time, leaving the area loose and sagging. Jen notes, “The skin laxity in the back of the arm, much like that of the abdomen, can be rejuvenated with injectables that will help recreate collagen that has been lost over time.”

5 | Glutes/Hip Dips

Injectables in the glutes can help to even out dimples and even contour the shape of your booty! Unlike the popular Brazilian Butt Lift, injectables provide immediate results without months of downtime and possible surgical complications. “I like to think of these types of injectables as more of an art, tailoring the injections to the client’s preference based on my expertise.” 

Get Rid of Wrinkles

Physicians Center for Renewal
20271 SW Birch St, Ste 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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