Get Weird With These 8 Unusual Desserts in Orange County

Every Day is Cheat Day with These OC Desserts

Written by: Molly Brooks Get Weird With These 8 Unusual Desserts in Orange County

We know you’re trying to stick to that healthy resolution, but sometimes you need a cheat day. When you’re looking to indulge after a long stint of being good, plain old chocolate cake isn’t going to do. Get adventurous and make that sweet indulgence worth every extra calorie with some of these unusual desserts in Orange County. They may sound a little weird, but your taste buds won’t regret a single bite.


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Snow Monster is all about pushing the envelope with their desserts. The three, and soon to be four, locations are linked by their Huntington Beach innovation lab, where the dessert shop is constantly researching and developing new products. One deliciously unusual item to come out of that think tank was the first-ever, made-to-order, customizable macaron ice cream sandwich. Snow Monster mixes things up with creative ice cream flavors like horchata, taro and matcha green tea, but the fun doesn’t stop there. To complete the sandwich, you can choose to squish the scoop of ice cream between two uniquely flavored macarons like Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles or rainbow sprinkles. These sandwiches are vibrant, fun and big enough to satisfy even the hangriest of cravings.

Snow Monster
9600 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683

Cauldron’s Ice Cream in a Puffle

Do you want your dessert to be Instagram gold? Then you have to try the OG Puffle cone at Cauldron. Based on a Hong Kong sweet egg waffle, the bubblewrap looking cone is unlike any other cone you’ve tasted. When they debuted the ice cream holder last summer, it was an instant hit. Pair the Puffle with one of Cauldron’s unique ice cream concoctions. Try Milk and Cereal, which is milk flavored ice cream coated in frosted corn flakes, or indulge in the s’mores flavor—chocolate ice cream layered with graham cracker and topped with marshmallow fluff. If you want something really pretty, go for the H2O rose flavor. They even mold the scoop into a flowery shape!

Cauldron Ice Cream
1421 W MacArthur Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704


French Toast with Bacon Cheesecake

Everyone knows about breakfast for dinner, but what about breakfast for dessert? Dessert Lab has you covered with their French toast with bacon cheesecake. You’ll enjoy the classic morning flavors of cinnamon, maple and salty bacon in this dessert that comes in both mini and regular sizes. The Dessert Lab started out as a cheesecake catering company, but has grown since their opening in 2011.

Dessert Lab
4221 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Milky Bun with Milk and Cereal Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream has created another food mashup that people line the streets for. A play on the ice cream sandwich, Afters stuffs a glazed donut with interestingly different ice cream flavors. A crowd favorite is the Milk and Cereal flavor, which fits perfectly inside a donut. The ice cream shop also offers unusual toppings for their sandwiches. Many stick with the cereal theme, getting their ice cream crusted with their favorite childhood treat like Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

18030 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Gelato Flight

Sometimes plain old ice cream just doesn’t cut it. For the times you want to get fancy, hit up Vitaly for some gelato. The Italian cafe develops their flavors with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Vitaly offers 24 different flavors including classics, like dark chocolate and strawberry, along with unique flavors like honey-lavender and basil. If you’re interested in trying a few, order the Gelato Flight, which is a tray of five different miniature scoops of the creamy dessert.

2937 Bristol St Ste B100/B103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Butter and Salt Doughnut

Sidecar makes their doughnuts from scratch every day with only the finest ingredients, meaning no preservatives. The small batch doughnut shop changes the menu on a monthly basis to keep with seasonal flavors. However, the shop also has seven flavors made daily that you’ll always find in the case. One of these doughnuts is the Butter and Salt pastry. The ring of fried dough is made from a vanilla bean cake and topped with a brown butter glaze. It’s then sprinkled with fleur de sel. Compliment this simple, yet indulgent, doughnut, with their signature cuppa joe—because coffee and doughnuts are best friends.

Sidecar Doughnuts
270 E 17th St Ste 18
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


PB&J Float

If you find yourself catching dinner at Haven Gastropub, make sure to leave room for dessert. Between all the local brews you’re throwing down, try a sip of Haven’s PB&J Float. Since PB&J is every kid’s go-to sandwich, Haven decide to take the classic and turn it into an adult beverage. The float is made with peanut butter ice cream and a blueberry wild ale. End your meal with this liquid goodness, and you’re sure to be feeling like a kid again.

Haven Gastropub
190 S Glassell St
Orange, CA 92866


Bits and Dips

If you can’t wait all day for dessert, then try out The Waffle Affair for a socially acceptable sweet morning treat. The shop is full of both sweet and savory waffle options, but there is one dish that mixes both flavors for an unusual, \ but satisfying dessert. The Waffle Affair covers savory breakfast sausages in fluffy waffle batter to makes Bits and Dips. Served up by the half dozen or so, dunk this finger food in maple syrup to satisfy your sweet tooth. This breakfast turned dessert is a great option because it’s not overly indulgent, and yet still makes you feel like you’re having a treat.  

The Waffle Affair
1064 Bayside Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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