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San Diego’s Animal Kingdom

Written By: Allie Moreno Getting Wild at the San Diego Zoo
Photographed By: Taso Papdakis Getting Fabulous at the San Diego Zoo
Hair By: Ryan Weeden
Makeup By: Brian Bond
Wardrobe Style By: FEA
Models: Callie and Mariella of No Ties Management

The San Diego Zoo may be one of the city’s most well known tourist attractions but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s old news. The zoo is constantly adding new attractions, highlighting rare animals, and as always working tirelessly towards preservation and research on behalf of animals all over the world. They know that the world is changing which is why some of their upgrades include live camera streaming of your favorite exhibits right on their website. Things like this make the San Diego Zoo a lasting attraction for tourists and locals alike.


The Galapagos exhibit is one of the San Diego Zoo’s pride and joys given that it’s one of the largest colonies of Galapagos tortoises anywhere in the world. With 16 tortoises spanning 5 subspecies, these gentle creatures are some of the oldest inhabitants of the zoo, dating all the way back to 1928.



The always popular sea lions are only one of the star species featured in the zoo’s daily Centennial Show, in honor of the San Diego Zoo’s 100th birthday. These guys are like the dogs of the ocean, highly intelligent and well-trained, they always put on a great show. You can catch them at the new Centennial Show, and if you have little ones, stay afterward for a special event with costume characters and a giant birthday cake.



The giraffes are long time residents of the zoo, known for being around since 1938. You can find these long-necked friends at the Urban Jungle—and you can even participate in feedings by purchasing giraffe biscuits. As usual, the fundraised by the feedings go directly to conservation and support the restoration and protection of animals in both Kenya and Uganda. Make the day extra special with not just photo ops, but a real, personal interaction all while supporting a great cause.



When you find your way around the park you will come upon a body of water, inhabited by a community of flamingos. Their bright pink color never ceases to catch the attention of guests and make you stop for a photo. What you may not know, is that there’s something called a Backstage Pass program that will allow you to touch and even help train flamingos and other animals—you’ll get insider info and stories while also continuing to support conservation efforts.



Walking around the zoo, you may be too distracted by the animal life to realize that the plants and greenery around you are sometimes just as rare as some of the animals you visit. The San Diego zoo houses more than 700, 000 plants featuring several accredited and world-renowned collections like bamboos, coral trees, ficus, orchids and palms. Many of these plants are grown as food for the animal residents.

San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Dr
San Diego, CA 92101