Ginger’s Healthy Habits, a Balanced South Bay Snack

Favorite Leading Lady in West LA and South Bay Poll Winner Shares Her Secrets to Health, Wellness and Cheat Days

Written By: Leah Hoffhines Ginger’s Healthy Habits

Ginger’s Healthy Habits

Desert flower Ginger Lewis grew up eating organic foods picked from her mother’s garden in Pearblossom, CA. It’s clear to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—Ginger stuck to her roots, attending raw culinary school where she put her smarts to work, gaining more understanding about creating max nutrient rich meals and snacks. Healthy Habits by Ginger, a snack brand above many others, is a new business that’s evolving quickly, changing the dynamics of snacking everywhere. You can find her products in several health and grocery stores surrounding Hermosa Beach where her first sales took flight. Winner of LOCALE’s Leading Lady in West LA and South Bay poll presented by Wells Fargo, Ginger shows that her product line Healthy Habits is not just about good food, but enjoying the benefits of a natural and balanced lifestyle in every bite. Look out for the variety of kale chips and veggie trail mix!

Q: You share some delicious looking meals on your Instagram. Can we anticipate seeing a cookbook on the market soon?

Ginger Lewis: That is a great question! As a matter of fact I am in the process of writing and developing my cookbook Healthy Habits by Ginger that will be available early 2017. This book will include healthy and delicious recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, juice cleanse education and recipes, and some other surprise goodies

Q: Who were your greatest influences?

GL: My mom—she grew, picked, and cooked her own organic fruits and vegetables. I loved her big family dinners every night. [And also] Jamie Oliver. He is my favorite chef because of how he cooks, his hands on approach, the use of healthy fresh ingredients, and of course the taste. I find myself modeling my cooking style after him, using healthy ingredients that are packed with flavor. There are certain things I don’t eat but if he made it for me…. I would eat it.

Q: What would you say to someone that chooses to eat conventional foods over organic in order to save money?

GL: Obviously organic is the better way as you don’t want pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified food, etc. However, organic can be pricy, if you are on a budget and you buy conventional produce I recommend getting a good vegetable wash to remove as much of the excess chemicals as possible. The key is to make sure you are getting enough plant based food in you diet.

Q: In such hectic times, how do you keep balance in your life?

GL: Being the Libra, staying in balance is HUGE! For me it is a body, mind, and soul connection. My healthy lifestyle encompasses a myriad of things including: yoga, meditation, juicing every day, exercising regularly, keeping a conscious diet, and always taking time to connect with nature.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those girls who is super strict all the time and has no fun…it is quite the opposite, I have a hectic social and business life and it is a challenge to keep up with all of these “healthy habits.” There is only so much time in one day. The trick is to build a solid foundation that I can always come back to, and I feel like that is what I have mastered over the past 30 years. Anytime I get off track I get back to the basics that I built my lifestyle on.

Q: What is one health tip that changed your life?

GL: Yoga, number one by far. Reason being, it isn’t just a workout it is a healer that connects you to your body, mind & soul. I have been a yoga instructor for 20 years and have learned how to control much of my health and wellness through this practice. We carry so much in our body  on a cellular level and in yoga you are able to release blocked energy through breath, movement, and holding poses (asana). I learned to connect my mind and my body through my deep breath. In doing so I took control of many things in my life including: stress, emotional baggage, physical pain, etc. I would recommend yoga and meditation to everyone, everywhere.

Q: Do you ever allow yourself to indulge? If so what’s your greatest weakness?

GL: Yes I definitely indulge. Many people don’t realize how addictive a lot of foods are, especially ones loaded with sugar, dairy and caffeine. Experts say sugar and other unhealthy ingredients are actually more addictive than cocaine. That is where I came up with Crack Sunday. With that said, I celebrate Crack Sunday once a week: I have one day where I pretty much eat and drink anything I want. [My] Greatest Weakness: Sea Salt Caramel Gelato.

Broccoli Boom: Healthy Habits is the first ever creator of veggie trail mix. Keep an eye out  for their next product coming soon: Broccoli Puffs. Tastes like a cheeto with the nutrition of broccoli!

Ginger Lewis On Her Healthy Habits

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