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You Have Access to Cleaner Local Water Than You’ve Ever Dreamed

Written By: Chelsea Raineri

Coffee, tea, soda—several options we choose to drink over water. Whether it’s reaching for that first, delicious cup of coffee in the morning, or choosing to have a soda with dinner, these alternatives are only further dehydrating our, most likely, already very dehydrated bodies. Not only can these drinks be damaging and dehydrating​, but even purified wate​r found​ at your local grocer can, in fact, be depleting our bodies of the necessary minerals to break down food and replenish our blood.

So, what are we supposed to do if our water isn’t sufficient and these other drinks are only harming us? Laurel and Mark Dickinson, owners of The Urban Spring, have solved this problem with such a simple solution, you’ll wonder why all water isn’t prepared like this. “If you don’t drink water, you’re dehydrated. If you drink water that’s remineralized—you change the game,” said Mark, “Our water has the ideal pH and minerality.”

At The Urban Spring, Laurel and Mark work to filter water in a reverse osmosis process that completely cleans out any and all chemicals, dirt, etc. Not only does this process wipe out all toxins, but it also depletes it of healthy minerals that your body thrives on. This is the type of water you’re used to purchasing at the store—purified water that lacks minerals and flushes out any supplements you may have taken that morning, completely defeating the purpose of those $40 vitamins.

The Urban Spring takes the purification process one step further and adds minerals back in—and not by putting drops or powders in. They filter the water back through tourmaline, a gemstone that provides the essential minerals you need. “Our goal is to get as close to Mother Nature as possible,” said Laurel, who is also a Holistic Nutritionist. “Everything is organic or non-GMO and mostly locally sourced, family businesses you won’t find anywhere else,” she added. Not only do Orange County locals stop in here frequently for clean water, but people from LA even come by. Richie Munguia, a UFC coach and​ trainer from Downey, said, “It’s the best water I can get anywhere. It’s great for muscle recovery.”

If you want to hear stories about how the water has helped their customers with weight loss, skin rashes, blood pressure and more, don’t hesitate to ask Laurel or Mark! They have plenty of incredible stories, like their friend William, who “went from a slightly overweight guy to a Spartan competitor, mud runs, etc.” after drinking their water.

Whether you live down the street from The Urban Spring, or an hour away, one trip to this store will keep you coming back.

Native Knowledge: You can bring in your water from home and they will test it to tell you how clean or dirty it is.

The Urban Spring
7331 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Level Up Your Water at The Urban Spring in Orange County