Give Your Cali Roadtrip at #TBT Vibe With Vintage Surfari Wagons

Hop in One of These VW Buses and Explore the Roads Less Traveled

Written By: Ryan Whitehead
Photographed By: Adam Gentry



For fans of the outdoors, sometimes the usual tent and campfire just don’t cut it. If you’re looking to amp-up your camping experience and take your road-trip adventures to the next level, Vintage Surfari Wagons will be your new go-to. Choose from eight vintage VWs (“Bay Window” Campers), six 1980s era VWs (“Vanagon” Campers) or four 1990s era VWs (“Eurovan” Campers) that all come fully equipped—you just need to bring yourself and probably make a quick stop at the grocery store.  

For owners Bill and Diane Staggs, renovating these wagons has been like traveling back in time. Bill’s dad bought his first van in 1958, allowing him to explore the coast of Southern California at ease. By the time Bill met Diane, he had two buses in his collection.

It wasn’t until a trip to Hawaii when Bill and Diane decided to rent a VW bus that they got the idea for Vintage Surfari Wagons. With just two vehicles, Diane started up a website for their new business. With his passion for rebuilding cars and her interior design background, Vintage Surfari Wagons has become the incredible and unique business we know and love today.

“I remember the first time we put people in one and it went driving down the road and we stood there and watched it go away, we both had this ‘holy crap’ moment, like we wondered if we’d ever see this car again,” Bill said.

With these vehicles becoming more and more unique, as well as the idea of being able to slow things down, people have taken quite a liking to them. Maybe a trip up the coast to Ventura is your thing, or maybe you’re looking to warm up in the desert. Wherever you go, you’ll be riding in style and turning heads. “You can spend the entire day in the van, in various locations, and [you’ve] got everything you need,” says Bill.

Squad Goals: Rent a private VW or join in on an organized camping tour! Vintage Surfari Wagons will lead you on a tour of the roads less traveled in California.

Native Knowledge: Going to LA or San Francisco? You can make it a one-way rental for an additional “drop fee.” Contact Bill and Dianne for details.

Vintage Surfari Wagons
760 Newton Way
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Photoshoot Location:
Inspiration Point
3001 Ocean Blvd
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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