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The TECHART GTstreet RS Transforms the Porsche 911 S Into Something Otherworldly

Written By: Tommy Jarrell
Photography Provided By: TECHART GTstreet

Premium German Tuning company, TECHART, has been developing high-performing Porsches for over 30 years. Their latest innovation, the GTstreet RS, is based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S. They improved upon the 911 Turbo S by optimizing its aerodynamics, technical features and its design aesthetics.

This fierce and stunning supercar debuted at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show and boasts high-class performance features that make it an exhilarating car to drive in any context. The finesse and attention to detail demonstrated by TECHART’s design prove that they left no stone unturned when it came to creating a capable and compelling vehicle.

1 | A Super-Powered Supercar TECHART GTstreet

This car is remarkably powerful and exceptionally fast. It’s equipped with 770 horsepower and an abundance of torque (920 Newton-metres) that allow the GTstreet RS to reach a max speed of 340 kph and to go from 0-60 in an incredible 2.5 seconds.

Cameron Tokumoto, TECHART’s marketing manager, explained how they were able to increase the power of this supercar: “For the TECHART GTstreet RS, we modified the turbos and enlarged the turbos on the car, which allowed us to add more boost and power output.”

Additionally, this ride is outfitted with high-quality Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that improve the car’s traction and handling, especially when traveling at high speeds. The combination of speed, power and control present in the GTstreet RS make it a tantalizing car to drive on both the highway and the raceway alike.

2 | Wheels With Curb Appeal TECHART GTstreet

From an aesthetic standpoint, the GTstreet RS is a stunning car. The GTstreet RS body kit is composed of Forged Design Carbon, which makes the car lighter and maximizes its performance, aerodynamics and aesthetics. The car’s carbon fiber elements are made from randomly arranged carbon strands, which add to its allure and appeal. Features like the customized, lightweight front lid and the integrated front headlights that are framed in carbon fiber airframes make this audacious car hard to resist.

Native Knowledge: “There are a lot of small details that make this car unique,” Tokumoto noted, and they should not be overlooked. Some of his favorites are the rear spoiler and the forged wheels with the carbon fiber wind deflector caps. “They’re kind of retro,” he said, “so they’re like a throwback feature that has some functionality to it.”

3 | You Had Me at Bespoke

The interior of this car is just as beautiful and rousing as its exterior. It’s outfitted with sports seats, six-point racing seat belts and a roll bar for added safety. The fully customizable interior is comprised of premium materials like leather, Alcantara and genuine virgin wool, which is new to TECHART‘s sportscars.

4 | The Fierce Features

The GTstreet RS is loaded with high-performance features that are designed to give it some added edge. Features like the active rear wing, the continually controlled TECHART exhaust system, the laterally-positioned air flaps and the NACA air inlets positioned on the car’s hood are just a few of the features that give this ride an added edge. These upgraded features not only look cool, but they also enhance the car’s functionality and performance on the road.

Native Knowledge: While the lateral air flaps, the rear ram air scoop and the NACA inlets all add to this car’s sporty appeal, they also work to cool some of the car’s most vital systems and do so without negatively impacting its drag coefficient.

5 | In the Lap of Luxurious Perks

Sure, this is one exclusive and stylish race car. However, its rare, unparalleled design make it a vehicle that you’ll want to drive every day, and it’s equipped with many features that help make that possible. For instance, the rear exhaust is flap controlled, which according to Tokumoto “allows people to dial back the sound, which makes the car pretty quiet so you can get in and out of your community.” Additionally, the nose lift front axle system allows you to clear obstacles, like speed bumps and low driveways, so you don’t damage the undercarriage of your car.       

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