This Boutique Day Spa in Palm Springs Is Like a Breath of Fresh Air…or Should We Say, “Palo Santo”?

Get to Grounded Bodyworks to Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Written By: Marsela Warshaw 
Photography Provided By: Grounded Bodyworks Studio

When it comes to physical and mental wellness, Grounded Bodyworks takes a holistic, healthy and—of course—grounding approach. Ali Shaffer, director of good vibes, says, “The roots of Grounded revolve around the desire to help people feel their best. Whatever that looks like.” Grounded Bodyworks Studio

This boutique day spa in Palm Springs uses trustworthy products while offering the highest-quality services for their clients’ entire well-being. Individuals at Grounded Bodyworks are always “seen, heard and cared for,” Shaffer says. “We specialize in listening to what exactly our client wants to get out of each treatment, and then we go for it.” Among the many services Grounded Bodyworks offers are Reiki, cupping, hot stone massages and custom facials.

According to Shaffer, the best way to describe Grounded Bodyworks is “a place where the magic happens.” With unique services like smudging—a Native American spiritual ritual that cleanses individuals of negativity and invites in balance and positivity through the Palo Santo smoke—clients can experience a magical change in energy.       

Grounded Bodyworks has recently doubled its spa and services. The new Nail & Meditation lounge includes an outdoor patio and allows clients to receive healthy nail treatments that use no toxic chemicals. Wireless headsets that provide several meditations or calming ocean sounds are also provided in the Nail & Meditation Lounge. “This treatment not only takes care of your nails but soothes and relaxes the mind,” says Shaffer. 

Grounded Bodyworks practices good karma by placing a high importance on community and fellow business owners. They recently hosted a hit of a marketing event with their top 100 clients and allowing local, new female artists and vendors to display their creations. “It was super community-oriented, incorporating beer and food from local new shops,” Shaffer explains. “People came, shopped and made new contacts, which was our exact intent. We also showcased a few of our newer services such as cupping and nail art. It was a blast, and we can’t wait to do it again.” 

The staff of Grounded Bodyworks shares the pure intention to help clients feel their best. “No one here is doing a service they don’t actually love doing. That’s something you can feel,” Shaffer says. “Our core ideals have attracted like-minded practitioners that truly care. Energy doesn’t lie, and you can feel the good vibes the minute you step foot into the studio.”

Grounded Bodyworks Studio & Spa
1701 N Palm Canyon, Ste 3
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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