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FNGRS CRSSD Music Festival Debuted in a Big Way

Written By: Rachel Vensand GROUNDWATER San Diego 2016

Looking for an intimate new music festival with some of the best names in electronic music? Groundwater, the newest branch of the rapidly growing FNGRS CRSSD empire, hits the nail on the head of laidback EDM this past Halloween weekend.

FNGRS CRSSD has done it again. The San Diego-based electronic music collective expanded its growing reach on the Southern California EDM scene this past Halloween weekend with their first installation of a brand new two-day festival, Groundwater. In the lighthearted spirit of Halloween, the venue was full of 21 plus attendees who were spotted wearing costumes ranging from inflatable dinosaurs to Star Wars robes as they frolicked across Groundwater’s venue, the grassy knoll behind Petco Park. This hidden gem is nestled in between the legendary baseball stadium and a 360-degree view of the downtown San Diego skyline, which engulfed patrons in a colorful panorama beginning at 3 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m. GROUNDWATER San Diego 2016

Groundwater upheld a similar friendly, communal vibe to its bi-annual sister festival, CRSSD at Waterfront Park, with an estimated population of 5, 000 daily attendees. There was room to roam, dance, and actually talk to the person next to you, as opposed to the cramped atmosphere at larger electronic venues. The crowd was too busy dancing to be mad at the bouts of rain that sprinkled down on Sunday, and enjoyed food vendors like San Diego’s own Rimel’s Rotisserie – a tasty upgrade from your traditional hot dog and lemonade joint. Petco Park’s own bartenders provided abundant libations with short lines and friendly service, a rarity at other larger music festivals where getting a drink is a lengthy process of waiting in line. Groundwater offers an electronic music experience without the groan of oversaturated crowds and the struggle of finding lost friends; some couples even brought blankets to enjoy the afternoon and early evening on the grassy hill. GROUNDWATER San Diego 2016

Groundwater joins a list of intimidatingly successful Hallow’s Eve weekend festivals; following in the footsteps of Escape from Wonderland and Something Wicked is a challenging feat due to their widespread acclaim and impressive headliners. Groundwater held its own yet embraced a more intimate approach to EDM with their line-up of top notch DJs such as Disclosure, Lane 8, Justin Martin, Dusky, Damian Lazarus, Klatch B2B Modus, Hannah Wants, and Lee K, to name a few, with less head-banging and more chill vibes. In the experimental nature of Groundwater, the varied set times for the aforementioned artists varied day by day, making the festival even more unique.

On Saturday, the two opening sets (Klatch B2B Modus, and Jey Kurmis) were 30 minutes, while Breach was on for an hour and the subsequent Saturday performers, Damian Lazarus, Lane 8, and Justin Martin, were an hour and a half. Sunday followed a similar format; Boys Don’t Disco’s set was 30 minutes, while Lee K’s was an hour and 15 minutes, Hannah Wants’ set was an hour and a half, and Dusky’s was an hour and 45 minutes. The Grammy award-nominated English electronic music duo Disclosure headlined the Sunday show with the longest set, closing out the weekend with a vibrant two hour dance party that featured popular tracks like “White Noise” and “Latch.” With a singular, rainforest inspired stage dominating the festival, Groundwater sets itself apart and embodies the quintessential laid back atmosphere of CRSSD for a lower price of $54 for a one-day ticket, and $104 for a two-day pass.

For the more nocturnal portion of the crowd, after parties were held at the popular late night clubs Bang Bang, Parq Patio, Spin, and Basic that kept people dancing late into the evening. Artists Pete Tong, Justin Martin, Damian Lazarus, Kill Frenzy, Disclosure, and Tiga brought their energy by delivering sets at these after parties, tickets for which are separate from the cost of two-day festival tickets but well worth the extra cash if you’re looking to keep celebrating. Truly offering a pleasant modern house music experience for every type of concert-goer, Groundwater was a groovy weekend for the books. Let’s hope for the same welcoming atmosphere for many years to come.

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