Your Guide to Waking Up in San Diego and Partying All Night in Vegas

From San Diego to Las Vegas, Clique’s Jason Craig Talks Exercise and Grub

Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran

Expert: Jason Craig
Credentials: Partner, Oxford Social Club and The Pool House


I’m a get-up-early-and-run kind of guy. I live downtown, so I run down to the marina past the Midway and always hit the convention steps along the way. I usually hit Harvest by The Patio or Tokyo Deli for a healthy bite, and then it’s right to Victory MMA and Fitness or Fit Athletic Club.



A quick trip to Le Parfait Paris for coffee and Fit Athletic Club in the morning. I fly back to Vegas to handle all our Vegas venue meetings.


It’s fabulous Las Vegas! I always make my way to STITCHED to get some fresh gear or take care of my friends’ suiting needs.



Up early running in the morning and working through the day—or running and gunning as I like to call it. Usually catch the late flight back to San Diego, drop my bags and head right to Oxford Social Club for pre-shift.



It’s back to hitting the pavement and being by the water. I usually set my standing reservation at Lionfish, and pretty much eat the same thing every time—grilled salmon with asparagus. Sounds boring, but Chef JoJo makes it with TLC.



I catch a little bit of me time! Owner of Victory MMA and Fitness and good friend Rudy Silva calls it ‘hippie training.’ Sometimes we go to the beach, sometimes we train on the field at Petco Park; you never know. As long as I can be outside and catch some rays I’m good to go.



During pool season you can find me at The Pool House. This is my one day where I’ll let loose a little bit. The Don Sandia is my favorite—Casamigos, fresh watermelon juice and lime. Depending on how many pitchers that go down, I end up at El Chingon, which is always a good time.

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Photoshoot Location:
Oxford Social Club
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