Photography Provided By: @dakotaleestround
Photography Provided By: @dakotaleestround

The Gals of SACHI.LA Tell Us Their Ideal Day in LA

But First, Check Out Their Coffee and Plant Shop

Name: Sachi and Chiyo Hartley Sisters
Job Title: Sisters and Co-Owners of SACHI.LA
Residents of: Del Rey, Los Angeles
Local Living: 10 years


Day in the Life

Photography Provided By: @dakotaleestround

We love working on our toes—both literally and figuratively. Having a brick-and-mortar shop means we are constantly on our feet and hopping around. We also never know what might come up in a day, so we constantly have to pivot and make game-time decisions.

“Our community is No. 1. We feel so fortunate to have such lovely people walking through the space. As for our business, we love bringing our passions together to bring the shop to life.”

Hartley Sisters

Put Your Records On

Photography Provided By: @dakotaleestround

Dusty Records has grown from having a stand outside of our shop to an indoor 500-square-foot pop-up at our new retail store. The owner, Dustin, is constantly scavenging the best variety of records and has an awesome collection. He also has a listening table so you can test out whatever records you’d like.


Slurp’s Up

Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

Dudley Market is a seafood and natural wine restaurant located in an alley off the Venice Boardwalk. With a view of the ocean, this spot has a local vibe, and the staff is always fun and friendly. On top of it all, the owner and their crew go out on the boat almost daily for the freshest catch—order the oysters!

Hartley Sisters

Stand Out From the Crowd

Crap Eyewear in Venice makes stellar sunglasses for all. They always have fun shapes and colors along with classic styles. We love their ethos and price point, and we also carry them at our retail shop next door!

Curated for Your Home

Pepe’s Thrifty Shop, located conveniently across the street from us, carries an amazing collection of vintage and modern furniture of all kinds. We even sourced much of our shop furniture from them. They have a quick turnaround and are constantly bringing in new things!

Hartley Sisters

3 Things to Love About SACHI.LA

-The houseplant vibes
-The happy people
-The Dirty Earl Grey Lavender Latte


Where It All Began

“We were inspired by our Japanese culture.” The pair’s grandparents were farmers in Japan, which is where Sachi learned and developed her green thumb and Chiyo grew her passion for cooking. “Every time we went to Japan, we brought up to 50 pounds of coffee beans from our mom’s favorite roaster in Oakland. We brought all of these components together to create SACHI.LA.”

Hartley Sisters

4574 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Photography Provided By: @dakotaleestround

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