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Hedwig & the Angry Inch Belasco Theatre Darren Criss Rebecca Naomi Jones
Hedwig & the Angry Inch Belasco Theatre Darren Criss Rebecca Naomi Jones

Hedwig and the Angry Inch, A Roaring Success at Pantages Theatre

Darren and Criss and Lena Hall Mesmerize in Rock and Roll Musical

Written By: Tamara Philips
Photographed By: Joan Marcus Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Opening night of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre was a roaring success with a packed and energetic audience. Not to mention the LA premiere was a star-studded event with a slew of celebrities who walked the pink carpet—some of which included John Stamos, Taylor Lautner, Demi Moore, Gia Coppola, Elizabeth Banks, Ross Mathews, Judy Greer, Rider Strong, and more!

In the Tony Award-winning Best Musical Revival Darren Criss reprises his mesmerizing role as Hedwig and Tony Award Winner Lena Hall amazes as Yitzhak.

This rock and roll, gender-bending musical is based on the band The Angry Inch (Tits of Clay) who is led by the fiery and sassy East German singer, Hedwig (Darren Criss). The band just happens to be performing at The Pantages because Hurt Locker: The Musical “suddenly closed the night prior.” Be sure to grab one of the faux playbills from the fictional play that are scattered among the floor.

From beginning to end of the 90-minute production with no intermission, she takes you on a heartfelt (and hilarious at times) journey from her roots in Berlin to how she came to the US. Prepare to be amazed by Criss’ ability to dance, sing, and climb all over the stage in fishnets and gold platforms heels. Also, major babe alert: check out those chiseled legs, almost Grecian god-like, coming out from the glitzy denim skirt underneath those fishnets. He’s moving constantly—whether groping Yitzhak, straddling audience members (or licking them), or jumping around. By the end of the play his once heavily made-up face has melted away. Let’s hope that’s water he’s sipping from a straw in a Corona can in between songs.

The entire performance is laced with pop culture and political humor including stabs at Lea Michele and Donald Trump. And best of all, he pokes fun at FOX’s “Scream Queens, ” with two of the cast members front and center to witness (John Stamos and Taylor Lautner).

Criss channels Hedwig beautifully. While he’ll offer plenty of opportunities to laugh, he provides even more powerfully moving moments in which he leaves the entire theatre completely silent. Like when he shares Hedwig’s story of the painful aftermath of a botched sex change surgery in order to come to America in the song “Hedwig’s Lament, ” there wasn’t a sound from anyone in the room.

You’ll also witness Lena Hall’s incredible vocal range from grunge to Whitney Houston. Hall fits perfectly into the rock and roll band as Hedwig’s husband, but also will amaze you when she hits those high notes in a sample of “I Will Always Love You.” She’ll even appear as Hedwig on Nov. 6, 13, 20, and 25th when Criss takes some time off. Whether you tune in while Criss or Hall takes center stage, you’re in for a treat.

Performances of Hedwig and the Angry Inch will run at Hollywood Pantages until November 27th. For tickets visit ticketmaster.com or hollywoodpantages.com.

Pantages Theatre
6233 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Graces Pantages Stage

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