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Nothing a Little Lipstick Can’t Fix

Written By: TC Franklin

Photographed By: Ali Steel

Hensi Morris is transforming the way women interact with one another. In her mind, gone are the days of catty moods and I’m-better-than-you attitudes. Instead, her Los Angeles-based group Lipstick Sister, is a unique organization, unifying women in a healthy way, with positive interactions, all the while providing a necessary collaborative platform, aimed at helping all women succeed.

The insight for starting the organization came as a result of Hensi’s numerous experiences in her own professional career — a career which includes nursing, public relations, finance and design. Often Hensi says, “There is a general consensus that women had to compete or knock down anyone in their path in order to succeed.” Putting a halt to that theory, Hensi started Lipstick Sister. Now in its fourth year, there are chapters in New York, Washington D.C., Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco. Lipstick Sister is gaining momentum with their exclusive membership-based organization, coupled with unwavering respect amongst each member and monthly business networking luncheons.

The group does  not tolerate gossip, trickery or disrespect among its members. A strict interview process and sponsorship from a current member is mandatory before a potential member can join. I caught up with the ever-busy mogul in Beverly Hills and sat down to talk about a host of topics including the future of her organization.


Q: Why Lipstick Sister?

Hensi Morris: Growing up in Mexico and La Jolla, I always felt a sort of competition from other women. These women only wanted to be my friend when it suited their needs. But when things got tough or challenging in your inner circle, in business or in everyday life, they wouldn’t pick up the phone; they were always busy. My grandmother is Italian and grew up in Spain and never left the house without lipstick on, even in a robe. And so it was a thing that, “There’s nothing a little lipstick can’t fix.” It’s so fitting, and that’s how it began. Being a part of a group where like minds meet like minds, that’s what I wanted, so I created Lipstick Sister.

Q: Is the group about support and being loved for who you are?

HM: Yes. It’s not about what I’m wearing or what kind of car I drive. It’s like a relationship with a man. You want the guy to fall in love with you for who you are and accept you the same way. That’s what I developed — a group of women who genuinely love one another, accept one another as human beings, and more than anything, accept you for your differences.

Q: How do you maintain such a fast growing Lipstick Sister member-base?

HM: We have three team leaders for each chapter, and they come from all walks of life, sizes, shapes and backgrounds. That way, each member who comes in for the interview — and we subsequently approve their membership — doesn’t feel excluded but included during the interview, because our leaders are just like them. It’s a fit when women work together instead of in opposition. It allows you to show your true colors;  happy, outgoing and open.

Q: Is the group strictly for entrepreneurial women only?

HM: No. The platform of our group is open. You can be a stay-at-home mom, work for someone else or have your own business. It doesn’t really matter. You have to have the right mentality. It’s more about what you are doing in your life. We look for women who are in a healthy place in life — not the jealous type, and not those who may be unhappy, but super comfortable, happy and grateful people.

Q: How do help promote the women currently in Lipstick Sister?

HM: We promote all the happenings our wonderful women are involved with. Some of our members have their own brands, like Skinny Bikini Swimwear, Aerial Physique Studio, SoulRX, ZuGo Pet, and the list goes on. We help other women, help even more women.

Native Knowledge:  The group is already breaking ground with additional campaigns involving younger girls and women who are finding challenges fitting in. Be on the lookout for “Girl Talk” and “My Little Sister.” Fostering friendships, valued connections and support is what makes Lipstick Sister continue to shine.


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