These Los Angeles Menswear Bloggers Are at the Top of Their Style Game

Written By: Jessica Ourisman
Photography Provided By: Nelson Yong and Troy Solomon Top LA Menswear Bloggers

Do you remember the days before fashion bloggers? Better question: do you even want to? We’re spoiled with sartorial inspiration 24/7 thanks to the hard work of our favorite fashion bloggers. You voted, and the results are in. Here are your top two favorite menswear bloggers in Los Angeles.


Nelson Yong | @nelson_yong Top LA Menswear Bloggers

Nelson is the ultimate fashion muse for the young, stylish and professional. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and Seattle, you will appreciate his attention to flattering, wearable looks, as well as Euro-inspired outerwear picks when the weather permits. His look is poised, polished and sophisticated. “Personal style is absolutely a form of self-expression, but it is also a type of uniform; it’s the impression you’re giving off [to] the world,” Nelson shares. “[I] try to find a balance of clothing that ranges from casual basics and upscale suits.” For his go-to look, “I would have to say I have two signature outfits depending [on] the weather—it’s either a full suit with a white shirt, unbuttoned, with loafers. Or, for a more casual, colder weather look, it’s simple black jeans, black Chelsea boots, [a] white or black t-shirt and an overcoat.”

Troy Solomon | @abearnamedtroy

For inspiration, entertainment and, frankly, self-empowerment, follow Troy immediately (on Instagram and YouTube). His vibe is one of self-acceptance with disregard for the stuffy fashion rules that can make you feel out of place. A word to the wise? He—and his two adorable pups Jax and Kevin—are supremely lovable, but his ultimate goal is to get you to love yourself, regardless of what designer or trend you’re wearing. “I have two tangible tips and one mantra,” says Troy. “First, write yourself post-it notes with affirming messages and stick them all over your apartment… Second, take off all your clothes, put on your favorite song and dance in the mirror… Lastly, just remember, WHO CARES?! Life is short, you’re only here for a short amount of time and it’s way better to have fun than [to] worry about looking cool.”

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