Union Market Tustin’s Newest Restaurant Is Somethin’ to Taco ‘Bout

It is easy to find great-tasting Mexican food in any area of Orange County, but Chefs Philip Tangonan and Peter Kwock are going straight for your heart (and taste buds). These chefs want to make it clear they put their heart and soul into every dish they serve at the all-new Hermosa Taqueria in Union Market Tustin. “The world is in need of love right now. We are concentrating on sharing love for our community with really great food and hopefully, that will bring comfort.” Hermosa Taqueria Tustin

Chef Tangonan previously worked at popular OC spots like The Cannery in Newport Beach and Catal Restaurant in Downtown Disney. Chef Kwock’s passion comes from cooking for family, and his love for Latin cuisine started from enjoying the traditions of friends and family. The two bonded while working side by side, catering for private dinner parties and events, which then led to the perfect creative partnership.

With the opening of Hermosa Taqueria, these two culinary masters have the opportunity to showcase their talents and extensive knowledge of Latin food. In addition to great tacos, you’ll get to enjoy housemade salsas, hand-pressed tortillas, al pastor, Birria––all the best Latin flavors to satisfy any and all emotions.

“We keep what’s traditional, but we like the idea of making unfamiliar things familiar.”––Chef Philip Tangonan

If you think Hermosa Taqueria is just another taco shop, think again. “We keep what’s traditional, but we like the idea of making unfamiliar things familiar,” Tangonan explains. Get ready for tortillas with Gochugaru (Korean Chili Flake), mild roasted tomato and hot aji amarillo salsa and even duck confit pupusa with curtido (pickled cabbage salad). There are also vegetarian options for those looking to keep it plant-based.

“We want people to see how passionate we are about our food,” says Tangonan. So if you’re ready to try something new, Hermosa Taqueria is the place to chow down. Here’s the inside scoop of what to expect. 

FOOD Hermosa Taqueria Tustin

Hermosa Taqueria demonstrates a respect for Latin food while crafting its own individual recipes. Dig into an assortment of Latin cuisine with a twist! We recommend trying the birria and al pastor tacos, along with an ice cold margarita. For all you vegetarians out there, a delicious market vegetarian taco is available. Don’t forget the chips and salsa! 


DECOR Hermosa Taqueria Tustin

Traditional with a colorful interior, Hermosa Taqueria will make you feel as though you just stepped off the plane in the Riviera Maya––especially when you see the beautiful ‘Belleza Brava’ portrait on the wall by artist RL Parole. 

Exp 5/30



Take advantage of the restaurant’s daily specials with tacos starting at $4.50. Otherwise, you can expect fairly moderate pricing. Head in for taco Tuesday for $3 off taco combos and $2 off both margaritas and beer. 


If you are ready for great Mexican food with a little something more, Hermosa Taqueria will be your new favorite spot. See you there! 


Hermosa Taqueria at Union Market Tustin
2493 Park Ave
Tustin, CA 92782

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