Hold Onto Your Reclining Seats at Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas as John Wick Returns for Ass-Kickin’

From Gourmet Meals to Bubbly Champagne, Watch These Movies Coming out in May in Luxury

Written By: Kandace Cornell
Photography Provided By: Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas May Movies 2019

The days of sneaking a huge purse full of Twizzlers into the movie theater are officially over. Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas has revolutionized the movie-going experience, offering a full bar and an extensive menu, chock-full of classic bites like nachos and mozzarella sticks. You can eat and drink to your heart’s content, just as if you were in the comfort of your own home—if your house happened to include a waiter to tend to all of your needs. Take a look at what you should be watching (and eating and drinking) this month.


LONGSHOT—Now Playing May Movies 2019

Watch With: Your Tinder Date

In the latest take on “Seth Rogen gets the hot girl,” this modern rom-com sees him as a lovable, scruffy speechwriter who reconnects with his first crush (a staggeringly ageless Charlize Theron) who happens to be running for president and is in need of some oomph in her campaign. Wonder if they’ll end up together in the end!

Eat This: Pork Loaded Fries
Order a basket “for the table” and see if your date is any good at sharing. Longshot!

Drink This: Sangria Especial
Sip on something sweet to remind yourself that true love still exists.

Native Knowledge: Turn your birthday into a lifestyle and get a free popcorn on your big day when you sign up for Cinépolis Rewards.


THE HUSTLE—May 10 May Movies 2019

Watch With: Your Partner in Crime

Mansplainers beware: this Anne Hathaway x Rebel Wilson unlikely duo has us feeling all kinds of girl power. Teaming up to take down the men who have done them dirty, these lady scam artists are our new spirit animals. 

Eat This: Mexican Street Tacos
Beefy and satisfying, it would be a crime not to finish them all.

Drink This: Aperol Spritz
Clink glasses with your bestie and savor the sweet and bitter—because sometimes we’re both. 

Native Knowledge: Happy Hour is from 3:30-5:30 p.m. every Monday through Thursday. Huzzah!


POMS—May 10 May Movies 2019

Watch With: Your Grandma

It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Get ready to cheer for the queen, Diane Keaton, and her on-screen pals as they get into formation and decide to form a cheer squad in their retirement community.

Eat This: Beef Sliders
Two, four, six, eight, mini burgers are really great!

Drink This: Texas Mule
Everything’s bigger in Texas—including the drinks. 

Native Knowledge: Consider renting out a theater for your next big event. Movies are always a crowd pleaser and you’ll have an excuse to skip the small talk. #Winning


JOHN WICK 3—May 17

Watch With: Your Out-Of-Town Relatives

Keanu Reeves is back as the legendary John Wick who’s ready to fight for his life after becoming the $14 million target of the world’s top assassins. After a long day of touring all the usual tourist traps, take the team to a flick that’s sure to please everyone.

Eat This: Onion Rings
Because who doesn’t love onion rings?

Drink This: All Day Rosé
Cheers to another LA trip for the books (and to the fact that they’ll be on their way back home soon)!

Native Knowledge: Make any cocktail a double for just $5.



Watch With: The One Who Got Away

Rekindle a missed connection by watching the story of two star-crossed teen lovers as they discover the true meaning of destiny.

Eat This: Cinépolis Combo
Nothing says romance like sharing a bucket of popcorn, a box of candy and a large soda that’s so big, the two of you still probably won’t be able to finish it. 

Drink This: Half Bottle of Wine
Choose your favorite vintage and spring for the half bottle. If all goes well, you’ll be finishing the other half back at your place.

Native Knowledge: The Cinépolis Guarantee gives a seal of approval to those special must-see smaller films that are pre-screened and worthy of your attention.



Watch With: Everyone You Know

It’s a Whole New World here in 2019, and the magic of the fiercely-loved 1992 Disney classic is back for a new generation. Take the entire crew back to Agrabah for an epic magic carpet ride, and get ready to sing your faces off to all of your favorite tunes in this live-action, modern take on the animated feature, starring Will Smith as everybody’s favorite genie. 

Eat This: Ultimate Nachos
A feel-good flick calls for some feel-good eats, and nothing is easier to share than some cheesy nachos.

Drink This: Cinépolis Old Fashioned
Kick back and reminisce about the good old days (the ones we call the 1990s).

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