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Beauty Tips By Miss Mexico 

Written and photographed by: Amina Touray 

Make up & Hair: Ninet Ghookassian 

Beatriz Cazares who is recognized as Miss Mexico in 2014’s Queen of the Universe pageant reminds me of a young Gloria Estefan. She is glowing with humble confidence that lights up the room. Once a child in need is now a beauty queen that embraces herself and reaches out to inspire children and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Her character is warm and loving. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we sit down with some pumpkin tea to chat about her holiday beauty secrets. Her secrets include everything from kitchen remedies that tightens the skin to how she stays in shape after all the holiday foods. During our talk; Beatriz generously shares pages from the book Simple Abundance—A daybook of comfort and joy by Sara Ban Breathnach with me that is full of daily motivation and inspiration. Early it is brought to my attention that the beauty secrets Beatriz are about to share begin from within. 

Miss Mexico

Q: You are representing Mexico in Queen of the Universe (QOTU) pageant 2014. How has this experience been for you? 

Beatriz Cazares: The experience for me has been like no other! It opened up more doors of opportunities that I could not seem to open before the pageant. I get to be a role model and use my title to reach out to more people with it. 

Q: How did you prepare for QOTU? 

BC: Being that it was my very first pageant I didn’t know what to expect. The most unusual ideas would come my way. For example, I knew that it was a mental competition so I would go for long hours every weekend hiking without my cellphone; just me and God. I did work out often because I enjoy my delicious chocolate desserts like most women. But most importantly I spent a lot of time alone embracing me. 

Q: What is something that you will always remember from QOTU?

BC: I will always remember the people that helped make my journey to the pageant a lot easier by sponsoring me with everything that I needed to make it all happen. They I will always remember because they believed in me, and that gave me more courage to believe in myself 

Q: You have been around women from all around the world in QOTU; did you get a chance to exchange any beauty secrets with each other? 

BC: Because we spent long nights of rehearsals; we made sure we stayed healthy so that we didn’t miss a day, and we all shared ways to keep healthy and strong throughout the preparation. 

Q: What kind of health tips did you share with one another? 

BC: Considering that we had long rehearsals at night we had to stay healthy. I would say Kombucha; it’s a great healthy drink when trying to fight a cold. Also, one of the girls has her training fitness brand and would suggest workout tips when we needed help.

 Q: QOTU promotes education for children in need; what impact did QOTU have on your relationships with children? 

BC: Since QOTU I have refined my strengths and enhanced the way I view life. Having been once a child in need, I understand the way some of these children think and feel. Since the QOTU, I have been able to reach out to hundreds of children out there, and I am constantly encouraging them. I’m reminding them that whatever they are going through at that time is only temporary and that they have the power in their hands to make it all better no matter how rich or poor they may be. It doesn’t cost money to dream.

Q: The holiday season is coming up, what are your plans? 

BC: A delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family and a memorable Christmas and New Years with my other family in Michigan. That’s where my fiancé is from originally; this year will be my first holiday with them, and I am so excited! 

Q: Are there any products in your kitchen that can also be used as beauty remedies? 

BC: Of course! I have my steeped green tea leaves that I use from Zen Tea traders. I use them on my face to tone and tighten my skin. I also use avocado with oats and honey on my face to soften it. 

miss Mexico

Q: How do you use the avocado, with oats and honey? 

BC: I muddle the avocado, then apply it on my face and leave on for 20 minutes. 
The oats and honey is another mask I use for hydration. I mix the whole oats with honey and apply it all over my face.

Q: Thanksgiving is just around the corner; what foods are on your table? And do you have any tips on how to stay in shape after all the turkey and pumpkin pies? 

BC: There is turkey and sweet yam on my table. I am not much of a pie girl, but I can make sure that we have some pumpkin pie for everyone else. 
It’s not necessary to own a gym membership; all you need is your walking/running shoes to enjoy the outdoors and The Exercise cable network. The exercise network channel has some pretty challenging exercises that I’ve come to discover. Oh, and a little Xtend Barre in the mix is great too! Xtend Barre is a class located in West Hollywood, which I use to tone and firm my legs. I don’t think any girl likes cellulite on their hips and thighs. It is a ballet bar class that combines yoga and Pilates. It has been my new absolute favorite class in the last few months, and my legs are looking and feeling more fabulous.

Q: As it’s getting a little colder in Los Angeles, the skin tends to get dry. How do you take care of your skin? 

BC: I love using almond oil on my skin. It is cheap, and it keeps my skin hydrated all day without the oily mess, perfume, dyes and all the extra added alcohol that comes in a bottle of lotion.


Q: Your hair looks long, thick, voluminous and shiny. What are you using in it? 

BC: A lot of my great hair comes from my mother’s genes, but I do use this amazing shampoo by Ren Pure Originals. It is gluten free; it makes my hair silky. It removes the frizziness after I shower, and it smells phenomenal. I also wash it every other day. Sometimes every third day; it keeps it from drying. 

Q: What makeup products do you use on a day to day basis? 

BC: I tend to use illuminating beauty balm, Stila blush, Revlon yellow mascara and chapstick. I only use powder from Lancôme when I have to get ready for a night out. 

Q: You’re running late for a dinner date, and don’t have much time to do your makeup and hair; what is your five-minute solution to arrive fresh and dinner ready? 

BC: Eyeliner, bronzer, illuminating beauty balm, make-up powder, mascara, lip gloss and a quick sexy bun or a cute headband. It never fails! 


Q: How are your night routines for skin and hair care? 

BC: I have to wash my face every night before I go to bed to remove the oils from my busy day. After I wash my face with Acure Cleansing Face Wash and St Ives Face scrub, I make sure to use a face moisturizer. If in case I run out of that; I use almond oil to moisturize it. 

Q: Your top three beauty secrets, please! 

BC: Sunblock, water and sleep. 

Q: What are your five beauty product must haves? 

BC: Acure Moisturizer in the morning and Josie Maran Argan daily moisturizer, sunblock, green tea leaves from Zen Tea Traders, almond oil, and plenty of water. 


Q: So what’s in store for the future, are you working on any fun projects? 

BC: I am currently pursuing my acting and modeling career, but I am planning on starting my book soon and engage in more public motivational speaking. 

Q: What is your book going to be about? 

BC: About my lucky strikes in life and gutter balls (laughs).

Q: What beauty trends do you think will be popular this holiday season?

BC: Cozy and cute jackets, fun socks and snow boots, scarves, gloves and cute hoodies. After all, I will be in Michigan. 

Q: You’re a role model for young children and women. What advice can you give someone wanting to pursue their dream? 

BC: My advice is to continue pursuing that dream no matter the circumstances. Forget about fear and looking silly. If it moves you and brings out the best in you, go for it! After all, it is you that has to live with the “what ifs” and no one else. 

Q: You inspire a lot of people, who inspires you? 

BC: I am inspired by those who continue to live their dreams and work constantly to remind us that it is possible to do what we enjoy full-time and make a living off of it. And, those like Nick Vujicic, who don’t let their circumstances, stop them from living a happy life. 


Beatriz Cazares
Los Angeles, CA,  www.beatrizcazares.com