6 Pieces of Technology That’ll Make Holiday Hosting a Breeze This Year

Simplify Your Cooking and Cleaning Process This Season With These Luxury Items From PIRCH

Whether it be the office Christmas party, Thanksgiving with the in-laws or a rousing New Year’s Eve celebration, the holidays are ripe with festive gatherings, great food and even better company. When burdened with the responsibility of bringing these festivities to life, however, it quickly becomes apparent that these soirees do not come together on their own. For many, this can mean an evening of anxiety spurred by messy aprons, dirty dishes, elaborate recipes and the daunting task of keeping guests entertained and enthused. Luckily, PIRCH is here to help. With an award-winning selection of luxury home appliances and several expansive showrooms where guests can test each one before they buy, this innovative retailer is here to make holiday hosting easier than ever. Read on for our six must-have PIRCH appliances that help your next party go off without a hitch! Holiday Hosting Must Haves


1 | Simplify the Prepping Process

Zip Water Hydrotap

Founded in 1947, the Zip Water Hydrotap is one of the world’s most advanced faucet water-delivery systems available. Aside from being an absolutely gorgeous, chic addition to any kitchen, this system also dispenses chilled, boiling and even sparkling water with the press of a button. With the ability to seamlessly switch between these three modes, the Hydrotap makes meal prep a breeze, allowing users to multitask while saving time and stove space.

Holiday Hosting Must Haves

2 | No Excuses for Wrinkles

LG Styler

Forgot to send that favorite holiday outfit to the dry cleaners? No problem—the LG Styler has you covered. With an innovative two tank system, this eco-friendly steamer gently cleans any and all delicate garments while massaging out wrinkles with the mere press of a button. No chemicals, no elaborate installation and no stress. The LG Styler is a must-have for any seasonal socialite looking to cut down on their dry cleaning bills while still looking fresh for all their holiday festivities.

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3 | Make Cleaning a Breeze

LG Washtower

Looking for a laundry system that moves and thinks as quickly as you do? Look no further than the ultra-impressive LG Washtower. The LG Washtower takes the standard washer-dryer model to the next level by converting the two units into one stacked tower packed with a plethora of settings, all of which can be activated and adjusted from any smartphone. Worried you’ll forget to start the dryer? The LG Washtower companion app makes sure to remind you along the way, ensuring that your holiday plans are always on time.

Holiday Hosting Must Haves

4 | Wine Is a Necessity

Plum Wine Dispenser

Quite possibly the most technologically advanced wine cooler and dispenser on the market, the Plum Wine Dispenser is a must-have for all vino connoisseurs. Along with the ability to preserve bottles and maintain taste for up to 90 days while providing computerized feedback on the ideal storage conditions for each one, the Plum Wine Dispenser also features a dual storage chamber that allows users to store two bottles at different temperatures, ensuring that no matter what your guests prefer, you’ll have them covered. 


5 | Speed Up the Process 

Miele Speed Oven

It’s no secret that one of the most stressful aspects of holiday hosting is cooking. So, instead of slaving over that old, slow and worn out convection oven in pursuit of the perfect dish, get an oven that thinks and works as efficiently as you do: the Miele Speed Oven. With the ability to preheat itself almost instantaneously and eliminate guesswork with the use of a built-in temperature probe, this oven will cut cook times in half, giving you the ability to prepare world-class meals in an efficient manner.

Holiday Hosting Must Haves

6 | Cook Like a Pro

Gaggenau + Thermador Steam Ovens

Looking to upgrade your kitchen even further for the holidays? We recommend taking a look at the impressive, versatile and multi-faceted steam ovens from award-winning brands Gaggenau and Thermador. The ovens go beyond simple convection by offering the ability to preserve flavor through the power of steam, making even the most complex dishes a piece of cake. Each oven even comes equipped with smart-cooking capabilities, allowing users to let the oven cook your dishes to an exact temperature and keep them there with minimal need for intervention. 

Holiday Hosting Must Haves

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