Photo By: Angela Garzon
Photo By: Angela Garzon

Meet the Woman Behind the North Park Matcha Spot Blowing up Your Insta-Feed

Sip Tea With the Founder of Holy Matcha

Written By: Sarah Hood
Photographed By: Angela Garzon Best Matcha in SD

Expert: Geraldine Ridaura
Credentials: Founder, Holy Matcha

Q: How did you first discover matcha, and what led you to open a matcha shop?

Geraldine Ridaura: I can’t drink coffee, so I started hunting for an alternative that was rich in caffeine. I discovered matcha while traveling in Japan, and I was immediately drawn to the drink’s unique taste, not to mention its health benefits. After returning to San Diego and growing frustrated with the complete lack of matcha shops in the area, I decided to open one myself, even though I had only the faintest idea of how to start a business. I had to ask the city health and building departments a lot of questions in the process, but I eventually figured out what I needed to do to bring my idea to life.

Q: What drink(s) would you recommend to a newcomer at Holy Matcha?

GR: My absolute favorites are the ceremonial and premium brews, but for new customers, I’d say go for the former. Nine out of 10 customers don’t expect to like it, but once they actually taste it, they end up loving it.

Q: What types of snacks, if any, do you feel complement the taste of matcha?

GR: I personally like to pair matcha with avocado toast. If you would rather have something sweet with your drink, I recommend one of our matcha vanilla donuts.

Q: How do you feel Holy Matcha is influencing the local café industry and the surrounding community?

GR: I think it is giving health-conscious individuals, such as myself, even more nutritious options to enjoy and prompting other cafés in San Diego to offer authentic matcha. I’m also proud of the fact that Holy Matcha is shining light on a substance that has been around for thousands of years and has only recently gotten attention in the West. If this awareness could spread to other cities in the region, that would be great.

Holy Matcha
3118 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

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