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This Little Tea Bag Will Make Your Flavorless Light Beer Taste Like A Craft Beer

Written By: Isai Rocha of www.foodbeast.com

Light beer isn’t exactly known for great taste, as its drinkers are generally attracted to its lower price and lack of calories.

That could quickly change with this Kickstarter campaign for a tea bag-looking satchet, filled with different blends of hops designed to give your light beer actual flavor.

The brewing team over at Hop Theory have a new beer enhancer that works kind of like a tea bag. You simply immerse the biodegradable woven mesh filter, or sachet, in your beer and let it do its magic. The flavors and ingredients within the baggie are designed to infuse with your light beer and give it flavors you’d find in your favorite IPAs, or Belgian ales.

It takes about 3 minutes for it to fully immerse in your beer, and the 5 calorie baggie works on up to four beers if you wish.

The ingredients in the satchet, are Cascade Hops, which both adds a tangy bitterness and creates a frothy head. It also has orange peels, to add a citrus flavor. And lastly some coriander seeds for a bit of sweetness.

The Kickstarter campaign for this beer-friendly tea bag has only raised $18, 189 toward its goal of $25, 000 so far, but it still has 23 days to reach its funding.

That $25, 000 is only for its base citrus flavor, though. If they can reach up to $400, 000 of funding, they can potentially create up to five different flavors such as peach and double IPA.

So you might soon be able to turn your crappy light beer into a less crappy, almost craft-tasting light beer.