Treat Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Even More At This One Stop Shop in Cathedral City

The Benefits of Bud: Research is Pointing to Yes

It’s hard to know where to go when it comes to finding the right product for you in the world of cannabis. But this desert dispensary is changing the game, making it easier than ever to get what you need without any confusion or wasted time searching on your own.

Palm Springs Cannabis

Smart Service

Libra’s goal is to set the standard for providing the highest quality product and trained “budtenders,” as their green connoisseurs are aptly called. Since obtaining their recreational license, they knew customers would be seeking advice and education on safe consumption and treatments. As a result, they realized that having highly-trained budtenders were going to set them apart; each budtender is CPST trained to educate their customers before medicating. As one of six dispensaries awarded in Cathedral City, they plan to open this year in September. Currently, they are in consideration to be awarded in the Coachella Valley location very soon.

Palm Springs Cannabis

Only the Best

Libra’s passion to bring clients quality cannabis products is something that they prominently stand by. Libra is a medical and recreational cannabis shop that carries only 100 percent seed to sell tested products. Libra offers cannabis advocates a knowledgeable and friendly staff, with each bright individual CPST-certified to handle and recommend cannabis products that fit your needs. Libra also takes pride in offering a clean, safe and convenient environment for all cannabis pioneers. The founding partners and budtenders understand the Coachella Valley community, and they are firmly dedicated to bringing a five-star retail experience—as well as something special—that exclusively caters to Coachella locals and visitors.


Changing Stigmas

The history of medical cannabis is one that delves deep into a distant and complicated past. Although prevalently recognized throughout time, the wondrous plant’s many benefits always seemed to find themselves ignored again and again. However, today, more and more people are starting to change their minds.

Palm Springs Cannabis

History Repeating

From as early as 2900 B.C., medical marijuana has speckled its presence throughout various cultures. Early China, India and Egypt—amongst many more—all found the soothing qualities of cannabis to be beneficial. Whether it was religious, medical or recreational reasoning that drove early civilizations to light up, cannabis has always found its way into people’s hearts. In the United States, cannabis has continuously been on a legal rollercoaster of ups and downs; it’s been one rough ride for reefer. It was first legally recognized by the United States Pharmacopeia in 1850. The extract proved to be an asset in disabling an array of ailments; from alcoholism to dysentery. However, within 47 years, marijuana found itself as an outlaw, and one using it would be federally punished. It would not be until 1996 when the masses in the proud state of California—would bring medical cannabis back into action.

Palm Springs Cannabis

Making Waves

Since then, it has been quite a rocky ride for marijuana advocates. The demonized image of this healing plant took decades to simmer out of the public’s memory, but lo and behold, it’s 2018 and an astounding 61% of all Americans advocate the legalization of marijuana. It is definitely a comeback for Mary Jane! Nevertheless, people are still skeptical. With so many stories and controversy, it’s hard to blame them. But today, things are different. It has science on it’s side.

Allow Us to Elaborate

Although science is on cannabis’ side, many still feel that sufficient research is being implemented. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIH) recognizes cannabis as being beneficial for chronic pain, eating and sleeping disorders, and even child epilepsy, but not enough research has been conducted to convince the FDA. Nonetheless, between personal stories from credible sources and diligent research by various experts, one cannot hide the many benefits of medical cannabis.  


Mary Jane for Chronic Pain

Mary Jane has always had a reputation for healing the pain, and recent findings have correlated this iconic relationship. In a 2014 Report of the Guideline Development Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology, conclusions stated that in both cases of spasticity and central pain, CBD and THC both proved to be effective in aiding the patient. Soon after, another discovery drew breath. In 2015, a collection of medical literature pertaining to medical marijuana—spanning from 1948 to 2015—was gathered and analyzed. In that analysis, Dr. Kevin P. Hill found that the “use of marijuana for chronic pain, neuropathic pain and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis is supported by high-quality evidence.” But it is not just pain that a THC toke or a CBD vapor can ease.

Palm Springs Cannabis

Buds for Sanity

As proud members of the large community of medical marijuana dispensaries, Libra has heard new patients rave about their new green friend. They’re amazed how efficiently it targets their anxiety, depression, eating disorders or insomnia. Many doctors exchange stories in the field about the wonders this miracle plant is doing for soldiers recently exposed to trauma. Even politicians have “specifically cited medical marijuana’s potential to treat veterans’ PTSD.” With the large incline of anxiety and stress in our present society, sitting back and burning one might be the best idea!

Palm Springs Cannabis

CBD and Cancer

CBD and cancer is a highly controversial issue. However, Libra can attest to personal accounts where the delicate dance of CBD and THC have saved friends’ lives. In fact, there are many stories out there, and some from established scientists. Biochemist Dennis Hill shares one of these stories. Soon after his recovery, he began conducting his own research, finding that studies showed many cases where the THC and CBD team up and disable the cancer cells. One does not have to look far out there to find more of these miraculous stories.  

Palm Springs Cannabis

They Love What They Do

When looking back into distant ages, one can see that the idea of medical marijuana dispensaries is not a new one. People have long been using the beneficial qualities of cannabis for spiritual, mental and physical health. Mary Jane’s healing qualities can settle anxiety or settle spasticity. It can rescue you from the immobility of a bad back or woo you into relaxation after a rough day. The benefits of cannabis and its wonders are many, and that’s why Libra takes pride in what they do. At Libra it is their passion to provide those in need with an all-natural alternative to treating ailments. There is no better reward than helping someone find their perfect bud balance so that they, too, can bask in the many benefits of cannabis. And keep an eye out for their Palm Desert and Coachella Valley locations coming soon!

Happy Burning!

68945 Vista Chino, Ste A
Cathedral City, CA 92234

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